Best Organic Baby Rattles In The World!

Zubels Baby Rattles

Zubels Baby Rattles

Zubels Organic Baby Rattles


While I’m many years from having my own baby in the house and, hopefully, a few years from being a grandma, I’m not far from appreciating really adorable baby rattles like Gordon the Grasshopper in the picture above.  Besides, Gordon, you can have a bumble bee, butterfly, ladybug, caterpillar, and a spider.  

Each of the baby rattles are hand-knitted with 100% organic cottons and 100% eco-friendly dyes, so you know that not only are they easy to care for, but that your child or grandchild won’t be handling or chewing on something that can hurt them.

The baby rattles are about 4″ X 3″, except the caterpillar, which is 7″ X 3″.  They can be handwashed and air-dried when it needs to be cleaned.  There are no small parts and even the rattle is feels like it’s the size of a dollar coin or a little larger.  You can feel confident that your little one is getting the very best in baby rattles when they get a Zubel.


Zubels Baby Rattles     Zubels Baby Rattles


Not only does Zubels have adorable baby rattles, but they have many different hand-knitted toys.  The toys come in many different shapes and sizes.  From animals, gnomes, and dinosaurs to mermaids, moose, and robots.  There are toys for boys and girls. There are toys for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas.  And there are even little cheerleader and football player toys.

The clothes are really cute, too.  You can get plush toys with matching hats.  So your little one can wear a bunny hat while holding their matching plush bunny.  There are numerous sweater and hat combinations as well.  You can get novelty booties that will keep your littles’ feet toasty.  

Needless to say, I’m going to hold on to the Zubels’ print catalog and bookmark their webpage so that I can buy lots of cute stuff when I become a grandma.  The best part about shopping at Zubels is that there prices are wonderfully reasonable.  And, if you know me, you’ll know I appreciate a good bargain.  

For the month of JULY only, all ZuBugs are 50% off!  So head on over to Zubels and get yourself or someone you know some ZuBugs.

I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.

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