Zakix 6 Pack Micro USB Cables

ZakixMicro USB Cables


Zakix 6 Pack Micro USB Cables


Zakix 6 Pack Micro USB Cables are the perfect cables for every possible charging need you have.  It comes with 3 – 3 foot micro USB cables and 3 – 6 foot micro USB cables.  You’ll be transferring data at speeds of up to 480Mbps or speedy fast!

We have three in our family, so when we go on road trips, we have at least three devices in car at one time.  Usually we have more than that when you add tablets.  Because our car only has one outlet to keep all of our items charged, I bring along my 3 port USB charger and 2 – 3 foot charging cords for us in the front and a 1 foot charging cord for our son in the back seat.  

End fights in the back seat with kids arguing over who gets to charge first.  With six USB cables to charge anything under the sun, the days of fighting for power are over.  You can charge your cell phone in the front seat, while the kids are charging their tablets, mp4 players, or games from the back seat.  At home, charge PS4 and Xbox controllers as well as Bluetooth headsets.

Your high quality micro USB charging cables are so affordable that you’ll be able to buy enough to keep everywhere you charge.  Keep a few in the car, office, or home.  They are a great gift for your college student to keep all of their devices charged and ready to go whenever they need them.  If you leave one behind, no problem.  You’ve got 5 more at hand.  

Your purchase is warrantied for up to 18 months when you buy directly from Zakix on Amazon.  Don’t be fooled by imitators, because if it’s not from Zakix, you won’t get the benefits of the warranty!  Click on the link below to get yours today.

UPDATE 8/19/15:  When I was using my Zakix 6 foot charging cable today, it wouldn’t work, so I unplugged and replugged it in on both ends.  The USB end broke.  I’ll be contacting the company to let them know about this.

UPDATE 8/19/15:  Within 11 minutes of my message to Zakix on Amazon, they have answered my message and requested to know which cable was broken.  THAT, my friends, is customer service!


Zakix Micro USB Cables


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