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Yoga Addict Towel & Mat

Yoga Addict Towel & Mat

Yoga-Addict Yoga Mat Towel + Hand Towel Set


If you are going to start pursuing yoga, you need to have a good mat towel to keep your mat clean or to protect yourself from the sweat and germs on a shared mat.  I have found that Yoga-Addict Yoga Mat Towel and Hand Towel Set is a great value for the yoga practitioner.

The mat towel is 24″ X 72″ and fits most standard sized yoga mats (see the picture above).  It’s premium microfiber helps prevent you from slipping.  Because of its absorbency, it keeps you from sliding around in a pool of sweat.  By using the Yoga-Addict mat towel, you are helping to extend the life of your yoga mat and helping to keep it clean.  Yoga-Addict thought of everything when they made this mat towel.  It even has a little pocket for you to slip over your mat so that it doesn’t get displaced as you’re using it.


Yoga Addict Towel & Mat


The hand towel is 15″ X 24″.  It’s a great towel to use to wipe your face, neck, and hands when you are sweating.  It’s made from the same super absorbent microfiber that the mat towel is made from.  It dries quickly and can be wrung out when it gets overly wet.

You microfiber mat and hand towels are machine washable in warm water and use only 1/3 of the normal washing soap.  Bleach and fabric softener should never be used on your Yoga-Addict towels because it degrades the efficiency of the microfiber.  They should be wrung out and tumble dried on low.  It is recommended that you wash your Yoga-Addict mat towel and hand towel prior to using as there could be some initial color bleeding.  

The towels come in grey, army green, blue, orange, and strawberry pink.  You can, also, purchase a set of 2 hand towels in grey, blue, and purple.  

Along with your purchase, Yoga-Addict offers you a bonus report, “Top 10 Tips A Yoga Practitioner Should Know To Get The Most From Your Yoga Practice”, and a 15% discount for a future Yoga-Addict purchases.  Plus, you can get on their VIP list for pre-launch specials and discounts.  

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