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I’ve really been struggling to find my word for 2015.  Last year, 2014, my word was Love.  The year before, 2013, that it was Patience.  The year before that, 2012, it was Grace.  

This year for 2015 my new word is Connect.  

After reading Anne Marie Miller’s book, Lean On Me, I knew what I had to do.  You can see my review HERE.  

Ever since my family moved from our house into an apartment 2 years ago, we have become less social and spend less time building relationships with others.  I’ve even neglected my closest friends.

So, now it’s time to work on relationships.  To build new ones and to rekindle ones I’ve neglected.  

Join me in connecting with others.  To build community.  To grow relationships with others.  I’ll be moderating a Facebook page with my husband, Scott, for our Connection Group at church.  Join us and let’s make our online community even stronger at Loving God & Loving Others – When You Don’t Want To Do Either.

I got a great gift from my friend Janice Baker.  She sent me a Wordle with my word CONNECT in mind, so I’m going to post it here.  It was even the perfect colors for the blog.  Thanks Janice!!!

2015-01-04 19_42_10-Wordle - Untitled


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19 thoughts on “My Word for 2015 is…

  1. As a natural introvert, connection is kind of hard. Not because I don’t need it, of course I do and I realize it, it just takes time and effort and I would prefer a quiet corner of my house with a book and a cup of hot chocolate. Thanks for the boost to call a friend tomorrow to meet for hot chocolate somewhere. I just posted on my one word for the year: MORE.

    1. Jenny, I am an introvert as well. I score very high on personality tests as an introvert. I think that this is why I have let some of my relationships go over the last couple of years. You have a great word: MORE is so important.

  2. Love your word … and I must say I am glad it is your word and not mine ; ) I am an introvert by nature and struggle to invest in my relationships with others. Connecting came so easily as a child, but now it feels there’s always something I should be doing rather than making that call or scheduling time with a friend. But I will keep pressing on and making that call and setting aside time for others : ).

    1. Start small, my friend. Call someone you would normally text. It won’t be easy for me, but I’m finding that Scott and I are more isolated than ever. I know that’s not healthy. You really should read the book “Lean on Me”. The author really does make a great case for community and connection.

  3. This is one of the best posts I’ve seen on words for the new year because it’s so true! I need to work on this, so thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday. 🙂

  4. What a great way to focus your goal into a simple word. That idea will be helpful to me. And, hopefully keep me on track. I have to agree with you, and others who’ve posted… connection is vital. We need to be disciplined to nurture our relations with our Lord, our family, spouse, children, and our church family. Lastly, those friendships that we have the best “intentions” of maintaining. We moved out to the “sticks’ shortly before you and Scott moved. Thus, everywhere we go consumes more time and fuel. In addition, we have not made very many local friends. Admittedly, I have a tendency to feel lonely. Thankfully however, I have the companionship of the most caring, and loyal One, who calls me “friend”. Once, when I was out of work for a time, I committed to calling one person (friend, aunt, mom, sister, etc.) once a day for every day of the week. A call might go on for an hour, but even if I was only leaving a message on a machine, I was letting someone know they were thought of. I have turned your idea into a ‘Wordle’, and may want to print it out (or make your own) to get a visual for your annual goal.
    Enjoy friend. Thank you for the blog. I will check out your book review.

  5. Connect is a great word – and a wonderful word to focus on in 2015. Thank you for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  6. Connect is a wonderful word for the New Year. “Teamwork makes the dreamwork” is so true. So here’s to connecting and your wonderful blog post…I will be stopping by and following all of your social media for a wonderful start! Stopping by from Small Victories Sunday linkup 🙂

  7. Connect is an awesome word! You’ll be blown away by the impact it’ll have, if you constantly focus on it! (It was my word in 2012 and it transformed my online and offline experience!)

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