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The web site allows members to document their Last Will and Testament, Living Will and Power of Attorney.  Furthermore, at no extra cost, members can specify their funeral wishes and even create messages to be sent after they have passed away. uses a unique Member-Keyholder® relationship, which ensures that the information created by our members is completely secure, yet available to their designated personal Keyholders® only at the appropriate time.


Preparing your legal Will, Power of Attorney, or Living Will doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  With U.S.LegalWills, preparing these documents will cost you less than a meal out and it will hold up in the court of law.  

My husband and I have been married over 25 years and we still have never made any final arrangements.  We do have Living Wills that were done during one emergency room visit well-over a decade ago.  While my surrogate hasn’t changed, our address has changed.  It’s also a little junky from being in my wallet for all of those years.  

What we need to do is get appropriately drawn up documentation to place in our safe should something happen to us.  I can’t imagine leaving behind what little we have for the government to decide who gets what and when.  Why take the risk?  Trusting our government to do the “right thing” just isn’t smart.

I was able to draw up my Will, Living Will, and a Power of Attorney in less than an hour.  All I needed was my surrogate’s name, address, and phone numbers.  If I forgot to complete a field, warned me to go back and correct it.

Once I completed the documents, I was able to download a pdf file to my computer to be printed and signed.  While I can save my documents on, knowing that I have control over my documents is comforting to me. 


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There are some other services available at that are really helpful.  MyFuneral allows you to plan your funeral, obituary, casket, grave marker, and so much more.  It really leaves those who are left behind without any questions about what to do when you are no longer there.  

MyLifeLocker is a place where you can store and maintain personal information that is critical to be passed on to your family or the executor of your Will after you have passed away.  MyMessages allows you to leave messages for others to be received only after your passing.  There are, also, ExpatWills for those who have assets in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, but live in another country.  

You can pay for a one year membership and add additional years or you can pay for a lifetime membership ($124.95).  U.S.LegalWills is a valuable service for everyone concerned about their loved ones that they leave behind.  Make your final wishes known to your family now and take the guess work out of it for them.  I highly recommend U.S.LegalWills and they are an accredited Better Business Bureau business with an A+ rating.  

I received compensation in exchange for an honest review.

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