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I’ve been playing guitar since the mid-1970’s and for all of those years I had (and still have) the tuner pictured above.  Not that cute one, but the big hulking one.  Pretty bulky.  Not easy to tune up when you’re in the middle of playing certainly.  Difficult to store when you’re not using it.  It’s almost as big as my cell phone and thicker than 2 cell phones in Otter Boxes.

I had the opportunity to test an AxeRig Tuner and have now found my new tuner!  That’s the cute tuner in the picture above.  When it’s folded up, it’s still the same thickness as the old tuner, but it stands less that 2 inches tall!  Talk about easy to carry.  You can put this tuner in your pocket and you’re good to go.

You just clip this tuner on to the head of the guitar, turn it on, and start tuning up.  The clip accommodates up to a 1-inch guitar head thickness.  It has a huge note read-out, so there’s no question about what you’re seeing.




The tuner turns green when you hit the note on key.  It took me seconds to get my guitar tuned back up after a long hiatus of not being played.  I have never been able to tune my guitar by ear, so I depend on my tuner to make sure I’m in tune at all times.  

My old Matrix Tuner has a wobbly needle that jumps all over and doesn’t quite stay on point when I’m trying to tune my guitar, so I have to settle for “good enough”.

Low lighting is not a problem anymore with the lighted display.  The tuner is great for beginners and professionals.  It’s made with 360 degree swivel rotation and is made to last.  AxeRig is so inexpensive that you’ll want one for every guitar or instrument case.  

The one-button operation keeps it simple and the automatic shut-off ensures that your battery doesn’t die prematurely.  It even comes with an extra battery!  AxeRig has done everything right to make sure that you’re a return customer.  

Should you have any issues, contact http://www.axerig.com/ for information about their lifetime warranty

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  1. With a family that plays a lot of different instruments, it’s nice to see options that’ll work for more than just one!

  2. I always wanted to learn to play an instrument but just never did. I really wish I had now that I am older but I guess I could still try lol

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