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I had the opportunity to review The Bouqs.com, a new way to order flowers.  The Bouqs.com source from partners that respect and care for the environment and their employees in Ecuador and California.  Their farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming, and they cut only what they sell – so they don’t waste 1 out of every 3 stems like other florists.  Their partners offer competitive, living wages and services like on-site child and healthcare, and adult education.


They cut the flowers on the day you order and deliver straight from the farm so you get the freshest bouq possible!  This means delivery just 2-4 days after cut, vs. 10-14 elsewhere.  They deliver their Volcano stems from the equator, 10,000 feet above sea level, which means one thing: sun.  More sun means more color. Their bouqs are fed by pure volcanic snow melt and mineral-rich, ph-balanced soil.  Their California cut flowers come straight from eco-friendly farms on the coast and can be shipped for next-day delivery.


They have a curated selection, which means you won’t be overwhelmed and their experts can help you choose the right bouq when you work with their Concierge service.

The best part of all of this?  A flat $40 with shipping included and no hidden fees means you can shop with confidence and you get a deal, because most competitors are often priced 20-200% higher than The Bouqs.com.

The Bouqs.com has a 3-step checkout process instead of 10 steps! And there are no annoying up-sells!  However, you can upgrade any bouq with a click of a button.

Concierge Service makes your life easier and is completely optional.  Set up all your deliveries in advance and save up to 25%.  Edit or pause any time and you’ll be charged only upon shipping.  Concierge Service allows you to manage all your important dates in one place and never forget a date again.  You can use this service, save money (up to 25%), and simplify your life!

NeverForget will email you before a birthday or anniversary to remind you so you can confirm or change your selected order and you’ll never again forget an important date.  JustBecause will surprise your special someone with a bouq on a random day of the week for no reason whatsoever.  Sign up for Regular Blooms if you want fresh flowers delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  With The Bouqs.com, you can do that. 

So, my experience?  I ordered the Recognize bouq, which are orange lilies.  They look like Tiger Lilies, which I love.  I sent them to my mom and left instructions for the driver to leave the package if there was no one there to answer.  The FedEx driver left the package at the apartment office so that they didn’t get too hot in the box.  My mom picked them up and opened the box, because she wasn’t sure what I was sending her.  I told her “something” was coming, just not what.


She said that everything was securely packaged and tied down so that the bouq couldn’t move.  There was one bloom that had started to open and it had a sleeve over it to keep it from being damaged.  My personalized message was on the inside lid of the box for her to read when she opened it.  There were four stems with 17 blooms altogether.  The description said that we were getting 16 blooms.  Because all of the blooms aren’t opened yet, it does look a little scarce, but when the blooms  open, it’s going to be beautiful.  As you can see below, just 4 hours later, the blooms are starting to relax and open out of the box and in water.

So, order your flowers from The Bouqs.com today to for a special occasion or just because.

I received my bouq for free in exchange for an honest review.  There are affiliate links in this post.

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