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I’m totally loving Yalmeh Super Youth Eye Cream!  The gentle scent is really pleasant, which is good since it’s right by your nose.  I like the thicker, creamy consistency that many of the newer eye creams are starting to avoid.  

Containing primarily plant based, this super youth eye cream is made with organic and natural oils, gels, and extracts along with plant-based ingredients used as binders, stabilizers, thickeners, and natural preservatives.

With a combination of organic aloe, alpha lipoic, and alpha hydroxy acids along with grapeseed oil,  and vitamins E and C for great moisturizing benefits, Yalmeh Super Youth Eye Cream protects, treats, and repairs wrinkles, dark circles, and reduces the look of age spots.

Yalmeh guarantees results from its Super Youth Eye Cream with regular twice-a-day use (morning and evening).  Most users normally see results after three months of use. Your results may include the reduction of fine lines around the eyes. In addition, many people use it around their mouth, forehead, and cheek area and have seen similar results.

Yalmeh Super Youth Eye Cream contains aloe, which is an effective treatment for dark under-eye circles caused by broken capillaries or lack of sleep. 

Not only is this super youth eye cream guaranteed, but it’s made in the USA in an advanced FDA-Registered Facility.  


I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.

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