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Yoga is in!  This week I’m going to be telling you about some great yoga products.  The Youphoria Sport Towel is a great towel for your yoga workout and other sport needs.  Its lightweight, compact design weighs less than 5.5 oz.  The Youphoria Sport Towel is 50% lighter than the leading cotton alternatives and its compact design enables you to pack and take it anywhere.  It even comes in its own carrying case. 

These sport towels are 100% microfiber, which dries much faster than the leading alternatives. Its microfiber can hold up to 4 times its weight in water, but dries 5 times faster than normal cotton towels. Microfiber is ultra-soft, super-absorbent, and ready to go!

Are you tired of itchy towels? That’s why your Youphoria Sport Towel is a 100% microfiber towel with a high thread count, which results in an ultra-soft, super-durable, and pleasantly enjoyable towel that you will love.  Owning a towel that is enormously practical, comfortable, and in a fashionable color is important. This sport towel comes in four colors (gray w/blue stitching, gray w/pink stitching, blue w/green stitching, and blue w/white stitching) and three different sizes (20″ x 40″, 28″ x 56″, and 32″ x 72″) to meet your every sport towel need.  It comes with a 100% guarantee. 

No one likes a towel on the floor and often times, if you hang dry your towel, it’s not able to get the air it needs to dry quickly! With its convenient hook you can be confident that you’ll never have to throw your sport towel over rail or lay on the ground to dry again. 

Use the Youphoria Sport Towel to backpack and hike the world’s toughest terrains, to wipe off after an intense Cross-fit workout, dry off and hold up your hair after taking shower, take out for a day at the beach or pool with the family, stay dry and reduce slipping at your Pilates and Yoga classes, pack in your kayak and rafting bags, or take for some fun at a music festival or outdoor concert. Whatever purpose you have a use for, I’m confident that you’ll love using your Youphoria Sport Towel.


sport towel


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