Zen Living SnowBall Aromatherapy Diffuser

Zen Living SnowBall Aromatherapy Diffuser

Zen Living SnowBall Aromatherapy Diffuser

 Zen Living SnowBall Aromatherapy Diffuser


If you are looking for a small, but mighty aromatherapy diffuser – humidifier, you need look no further than the Zen Living SnowBall Aromatherapy Diffuser

With 20 hours of operating time, the SnowBall is a powerhouse in the diffuser world.  Simply fill it the 1½ cup tank and forget it.  It’s perfect for all-day use to freshen or humidify your home.  Great for overnight use for kids with stuffed noses or coughs.  Simply add the essential oil of your choice to the water tank and improve your air quality instantly.

The SnowBall has three diffuser settings (high, medium, and low) and has 7 LED light colors.  The gentle lights create a pleasant, relaxing ambiance in any room.  It’s a pleasant nightlight for your child’s room. You can turn the lights on or keep them off.  You can let the lights cycle through each color or choose one color to light your room.

Should the water run dry in your diffuser, you don’t need to worry about burning it out.  The SnowBall shuts itself off.  The lights remain on should the diffuser turn off on it’s own.

The SnowBall diffuser isn’t like other diffusers or humidifiers.  It’s ultrasonic, so there is no heating element and the water is remains cool.  You don’t have to worry about your child getting burned.  The diffuser is silent.  There is absolutely no noise at all when it’s running. 

The SnowBall aromatherapy diffuser is modern-looking, trendy, and beautiful to look at.  It makes a great addition to your living space.  You really do need to get one of these SnowBall diffusers to improve the health of your family and the quality of the air in your home or office. 


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