OZ Shape Slimming Contour Creme

Slimming Contour Creme

Slimming Contour Creme

 OZ Shape Slimming Contour Creme


OZ Shape Slimming Contour Creme is a limited edition private formula for reducing the appearance cellulite with regular, twice-daily use. 

This slimming contour creme contains Indian ginseng, caffeine, guarana, retinol, and rose hip seed oil. These ingredients tighten and firm skin, reducing lumps and dimples all the while moisturizing your skin at the same time.

The Slimming Contour Creme has the smoothest, creamiest texture.  It saturates dry skin with hydration, which works to refine and smooth your paunch on your belly, legs, backside, and thighs.  It’s formulated for quick absorption and for deep moisturizing. Made to be used twice a day, you can use your hands or a cellulite brush such as the Cellulite Massage Brush

Guarana and caffeine are used to burn off deposits of fatty tissue that cause cellulite dimples.  While retinol helps boost collagen production used to make skin thicker and in turn helps diminish the appearance of dimpled skin.  Indian ginseng works to protect collagen, leaving your skin smooth, firm, and healthier. Rose hip seed oil seals moisture into your skin making it soft and touchable. 

OZ Shape Slimming Contour Creme is cruelty-free; never tested on animals.  It does not contain any parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), or petrochemical derivatives.  This slimming contour cream is non- irritating, contains no additives, and no fillers. Only pure ingredients!  The best thing is that it’s made in the USA.

If you’re looking for a perfect for a gift for someone who wants to improve their skin or as a gift for yourself, you need not look any further than this contour creme.  You’ll want to get yours before they run out of this limited edition private formula. 



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  1. This is an interesting concept. I’m not sure how well a creme would reduce cellulite but I’m sure the moisturizing effect would be helpful.

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