Slim Packing Cubes For Organized Travel

slim packing cube

slim packing cube

Dot&Dot has done it again with their slim packing cubes.  Washable and easy to care for, the extremely versatile Dot&Dot slim packing cubes (14″ X 5″ X 2.75″) have a see-thru mesh top so that you can see what you’ve put in them.

These are different from the large packing cubes I reviewed last month because they’re for smaller objects:  shoes, undergarments, laptop cables, socks, toiletries, shirts, scarves, or other accessories.  Roll multiple shirts for wrinkle-free packing.  Pack outfits with the appropriate accessories, so their easier to grab.  Put all of your hair or beauty accoutrements in one cube and put them in the bathroom for counter organization. 


slim packing cubes


By using the slim packing cubes, you’re utilizing even the narrowest of spaces in your luggage. Slim packing cubes makes packing and unpacking efficient and less time consuming.  They make sorting and finding your belongings easier with the mesh panel.  Minimize wrinkles so you will always look your best, even while traveling. 

Dot&Dot slim packing cubes keep your luggage organized, help you maintain your privacy when going through security checks, maximizes your luggage space, and it in almost any types of luggage. 

Simplify your packing.  Get yourself some Dot&Dot slim packing cubes.  The packing cubes are available in 10 colors (orange, red, black, purple, light blue, pink, green, dark blue, yellow, and black) and can be purchased in groups of 4 or in singles (black only).  They come in small, medium, large, slim, and one designed to pack shoes in.   Order yours today.  They make great gifts for your traveling friends and family, too. 


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