Sleep Well for Kids – Under the Sea CD Giveaway

sleep well for kids

sleep well for kids

Sleep Well for Kids – Under the Sea CD


One of the things that I remember fondly from my two summers as a teacher at a day care is the “sleepy time” music we used to play.  I actually brought the albums (yes, I date myself) and recorded them on cassette tapes so I could listen to them myself.  

Introducing the 21st Century’s answer to the 20th Century’s “sleepy time” music – Sleep Well for Kids – Under the Sea.  Not only is there beautiful and relaxing music, but a really cool guided imagery that the kids will love.  

Your child (or you) begin by listening to the music of Jeff Gold, who composes soulful and spiritual instrumentals  used for relaxation, meditation, and for music therapy.  Jeff’s music plays through the entire CD and it definitely has a calming effect on the listener.

The guided imagery is spoken by the soothing tones of Janet Montgomery, who is a Certified Hypnotherapist.  She works with people to help reduce stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, weight, smoking, goal setting, and pain management among other things.  

Janet takes the listener from their present location to flying on a cloud to the sea.  Once at the seaside, the listener takes an amazing trip under the sea, visiting underwater sea creatures.   Your child will use their imagination to feel like they are really under the sea and really taking in the scene. Jeff’s beautiful composition plays throughout the entire Sleep Well for Kids – Under the Sea CD.

Even if your child doesn’t fall asleep while listening to Sleep Well for Kids – Under the Sea, they will relax, be calm use their imagination, and be rested when nap time is over.  I highly recommend this CD, especially for parents, for nap time as well as bed time.  It will help to create a child, who loves the sea and is eager to know more about it.

Enter to win your own copy of Sleep Well for Kids – Under the Sea below.  The prize will be provided by Jeff Gold Music.


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