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I visited the Countryside Mall in Clearwater, Florida to find out more about the Sleep Number bed.  I met with Sleep Expert, Lisa, who answered my readers’ questions and helped me find my Sleep Number.


  1. Do you need special linens for the Sleep Number beds or can you use standard-sized linens?
    • Some Sleep Number beds require special linens and some don’t.
  2. Who comes up with the numbers and are they based on scientific experiments? 
    • Everyone’s individual number is based on their weight, shape, and pressure points.
  3. Do I have to have a store representative with me if I ever want to adjust the numbers in the store?
    • Yes and no.  The first time you adjust the bed, you’ll want a store representative with you to show you how it works.  After that, you can do it on your own.
  4. Do you have to have a special bed frame for the Sleep Number bed or can you use your own?
    • You can use your own bed frame on all of the beds except for the ones with adjustable bases and then they can attach your own headboard to the frame.
  5. Do all models have separate controls for each side or is that an option?
    • There is a limited number of Sleep Number beds with only one control, however, most have a control for each side.
  6. How much does a queen-sized bed cost?
    • They run from $1000. to $8000..  The $8000. bed has all of the Sleep Number technology available including a voice-activated controller.  All of the Sleep Number beds can have any of the technologies added as an option, except the voice-activated controller, which is limited to the x12 Bed.


I had the opportunity to sleep in a very old Sleep Number bed recently and I was unimpressed.  However, after having talked with Lisa, I’ve learned that the beds have improved quite a bit over the years.  

After Lisa answered all of my questions, she found the right pillow density for me, and had me lay down on the most popular Sleep Number bed.  She showed me what my pressure points looked like lying on the Sleep Number bed at 100 and then at 75, which was the best number for me when I lie on my back.  

But, because I’m a side-sleeper, Lisa then had me roll over on my side and she readjusted the Sleep Number to 45, which helped relieve the pressure points and distribute my weight on the bed more evenly.  

All of the Sleep Number controllers are wireless and they all have the Sleep Number on it. Having the actual number on the controller was an upgrade back in the early days.  

Sleep Number beds used to come with a 10 year warranty, but are now warrantied for 25 years. You can get waterproof mattress covers to protect your bed as well. They have a mattress for everyone in your house, from twin to California king.  

The Sleep Number stores offer a variety of pillows for your sleeping comfort and position.  They even offer CoolFit Foam for a cooler night’s sleep. This is great for anyone who gets overheated while they sleep <slowly raising my hand>.

There’s even an app for it!  SleepIQ offers an app to track your activity as well as food and liquid intake to help you improve your sleep habits.  

I can truly say that I’m very impressed with today’s Sleep Number bed.  I would even consider investing in one now that I know more about them and have had the opportunity to try out the technology.

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  1. Thanks for the info. We purchased a new mattress about 3 years ago AND HATE IT…. hubby and I have such different mattress needs and wound up not solving either and spent almost $2500 on it. We talked about replacing it in the future (can’t just spend that amount of money any ol time) with a sleep number bed. Appreciate knowing what to ask ~ never thought of the sheets.
    By the way we’re state neighbors I’m up northeast in the 904

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