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Anyone who knows me knows that I hate the hyperpigmentation or melasma on my face.  I have tried and been offered many products that say that they’ll help me, but only one has proved it…The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin!

I am in the very early stages of changing my skin care regime, but the pictures on author Dana Ramos’ website, The Skin Regime, prove that it can do what it says is does.  There are even pictures of “Tan Mom”  Patricia Krentcil’s startling before and after pictures.   Click on her picture below to see proof that she’s been using The Skin Regime.


the skin regime
photo credit: The Skin Regime

Dana has worked with dermatologist Dr. David Bank to create a skin regime that is affordable and effective for everyone’s skin.  If you are tired of your dull, damaged, aging skin from years of not taking care of your skin, then The Skin Regime is for you.

Like many of us growing up in the days before actual SPF in our products, Dana had damaged skin, including melasma.  She was tired of spending tons of money on products and procedures that didn’t work.  Personally, as long as I’ve been buy cosmetics and skin care products, I’ve said that the expensive products weren’t any better than what you can buy in the grocery store and it appears that I was correct.  She recommends quality products for everyday skin care that I most recently purchased in my local Walmart. 

The Skin Regime book basically busts every myth I’ve ever been told about my skin, including what causes acne and why products that don’t do anything can claim that they are a cure-all.  This isn’t snake oil.  Dana is very careful to explain and back-up her information.  She talks about skin peels and why hers is the best.  She teaches about good skin care; from the bootcamp to maintenance.  Then she moves on to makeup, dermatological procedures, care of all of your skin, and even perfume.  This book is an imperative part of the process because you are making major changes in your skin care routine.

The second part of this review is the 1-4-All Peel.  It is a layer-able skin peel that gets more powerful with each layer you put on to your face.  The peel can transform your skin by minimizing fine lines, healing mild acne and fading brown spots that acne leaves behind, creating even skin tone and texture, fading skin discoloration (melasma and freckles), reducing large pores, reversing sun damage, and creating glowing, radiant skin.  And one 2 oz bottle is enough for 40 peels!  What that means is that one bottle is less expensive than one visit to a dermatologist.  

I’ve done the 1-4-All Peel twice so far.  The whole process from beginning to end takes about 20 minutes.  I felt just a little bit of heat after applying the peel.  After I washed it off, I have a little more heat and some mild redness that went away within the hour.  My skin feels great!  Without makeup, it looks healthy and actually glows.  I don’t ever remember a time that my skin glowed.  

I promise to follow up on The Skin Regime.  I want to post my personal results to back up what I’m saying.  I took a before pictures for you so you can see what my skin looks like.  I’ll come back in a couple of months or so and follow up, because I can only do the peel once a week.


skin regime before    skin regime before    skin regime before


Enter to win your very own The Skin Regime book + peel by entering below.  Sandy’s P.O.V. isn’t responsible for fulfilling the giveaway.  The prize is provided by The Skin Regime.  


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