Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box


Monthly boxes are a huge thing these days.  Mostly I see beauty boxes with cosmetics.  Simply Earth has something that’s different – the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box.  You can gift a box to someone with a 1, 3 or 12-month subscriptions.  

Each box includes 5 to 7 recipes and up to 5 bottles of essential oils as well as extras.  You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.  All boxes are shipped free and have a 100% money-back guarantee.  

Simply Earth essential oils are tested and are 100% pure therapeutic grade with no harmful chemicals. Their suppliers strictly follow all USDA food and product safety guidelines and Simply Earth promises that they will never add any bases, carriers, or additives to their essential oils.

So what’s in the box?  I got the December Recipe Box with the following items

  • ginger essential oil
  • coffee essential oil
  • spearmint essential oil
  • citrus burst blend essential oil
  • coconut oil
  • 6 recipes
  • a piece of flannel cloth
  • string and beads
  • citric acid
  • plastic eggs
  • roller ball bottle
  • glass bottle with orifice reducer
  • pre-printed labels for 2 recipes


Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

Bath Bombs

The first recipe included in the box was for bath bombs.  Bath bombs are used to infuse your bath with scent and moisturizing oils for your skin.  

There were 4 plastic eggs, coconut oil, citric acid, and essential oil included for the recipe.  For this recipe, I needed to provide baking soda, cornstarch, food coloring (if I wanted them colored), and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle.  The recipe itself is very easy to make and requires some drying time before using.  


Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

Diffuser Necklace

The second recipe was a make-your-own diffuser necklace.  This is a great DIY project that you can make for yourself or with your kids and it allows you to wear essential oils and enjoy its scent all day long.

Included in the box for this project is ginger and citrus burst essential oils, clay, beads, and string.  I needed a bottle cap, wax paper, and a stamp or toothpick.  Because my box was crushed when I finally got it, I only had 3 beads.  I think that there were others that fell out.  

This is a great project for you to be as creative as you want.  You can use a small cookie cutter instead of a bottle cap to make the shape that you desire for your necklace.  You can even paint it.  The clay needs 1-2 days to dry before you can wear it.  You can use only one essential oil on your pendant or switch oils each time you wear it.


Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

Holiday Body Scrub

The Holiday Body Scrub recipe includes coffee and citrus burst essential oils and coconut oil.  I needed to add sea salt, apple cider vinegar, food coloring (if desired), and a jar to store it all in.  

This is a great scrub to use to exfoliate and moisturize your skin.  Not only is this a great beauty product for you but it makes a great gift as well.


Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

Flannel Hand Warmer

The Flannel Hand Warmer recipe includes coffee essential oil and flannel cloth.  I needed a needle and thread, rice, and a stencil.  This recipe is a little more complicated but not too difficult.  After cutting a pattern out of the cloth sew the edges together while inside out leaving a small opening.  After turning it right side out fill with the essential oil-infused rice and finish closing.  It can be microwaved and placed in your pocket to keep your hand warm.  


Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

Holiday Diffuser Blend

The Holiday Diffuser Blend can be made in a large batch and placed in the amber glass bottle with the orifice reducer or it can be placed directly into your diffuser when you’re ready to diffuse it.  There was a pre-printed label for the bottle should you decide to make it ahead.




Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

Digest Roll On

The Digest Roll On is a blend made to ease digestive discomfort.  Using the ginger and spearmint essential oils and the coconut oil combined in the roller bottle.  When you have discomfort after eating you simply roll the blend over your stomach as needed.  There was a pre-printed label for the bottle should you decide to make it ahead.



The Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box makes a great gift for a special person in your life and it’s great to gift yourself.  It’s a great way to spend time with your tweens and teens when finding something to do becomes more and more difficult.  Simply Earth is a Christian-owned business and 13% of all the profits from purchases goes to help end human trafficking.  Simply Earth makes using essential oils easy, inexpensive, and fun.  


I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.  

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