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 Celfie Bluetooth Wireless Selfie Stick


I know I’m behind the trend, but I’ve been wanting a selfie stick since I went to Kennedy Space Center last year.  So when the opportunity to check out the Celfie Bluetooth Wireless Selfie Stick came along, I jumped on it.

I’ve never had issues paring any Bluetooth items with my phone, but when I was using the Celfie selfie stick, it was touch and go.  Sometimes it would pair up right away and sometimes it wouldn’t pair up at all.  

Check out the first picture I took with it.  I took me a couple of times to pair the selfie stick, which my phone identifies as a keyboard.  The instructions to pair the wireless Celfie stick to your phone are extremely easy to follow. 



You can see some of the pictures that I took where the selfie stick had a delayed response, so the pictures were bad.




One of the issues I had was with charging the Celfie stick.  It doesn’t hold a charge over multiple days and after charging it until the light went out, it still wouldn’t stay on and paired with my phone.  

The Celfie stick holds my Galaxy S4 in it’s Otter Box Defender case without a problem.  It’s snug, but not difficult to get the phone in or out of the grip.  The phone mount is secure, durable, stable to keep your phone safely secured.

The handle is extendable to approximately a meter long and comes in black or pink.  The shutter button is in the handle, so you can take full advantage of the length of the selfie stick.  

In my opinion, the Celfie Bluetooth Wireless Selfie Stick doesn’t quite deliver as promised.  However, I’ve promised the seller that I will continue to work with it to see if I can overcome some of the issues I’ve mentioned.


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