Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

Nixon Presidential Library

Scott and I visited the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum today.  It was much smaller than I expected, but I wasn’t disappointed.

There was a small gift shop with items related to Nixon, to the Presidency in general, and related space items.  Admission can be purchased there for $11.95 per adult.  Because the library is part of The National Archives and Records Administration’s Presidential Libraries, there were many of the gifts that the Nixons received during the Presidency.  These items don’t actually belong to the President after they leave office.  They belong to the people of the United States.  I saw a lovely gold cuff bracelet that was given to Pat Nixon that I told a docent I’d be back to borrow sometime.  Snort!


I was an infant when Nixon was President and all I knew about him was his disgrace and near-impeachment, until I was in the hospital having our son on April 22, 1994.  While I was lying in bed recovering from the ordeal experience, we turned on the TV and saw that Nixon had died.  We watched for the rest of the evening and then watched his funeral, which was at his library.


I learned about what a great diplomat Nixon was while he was in and out of elected office.  I had no idea that he was the Vice President during Eisenhower’s presidency.  I was impressed that he joined the military to go to war even though he would have been exempt as a Quaker.  I highly recommend the movie, which was probably 15 minutes long.  It really summed up Nixon’s career.


The grounds were really beautiful.  Pat Nixon’s rose garden was just lovely.  The roses smelled so good, too.  I could have sat in the garden for an hour enjoying the smell of the roses, the songs of the birds, and the cool breeze.


I wonder if there aren’t tons of visitors to the library because of negative things that happened in Nixon’s presidency that turned people off to him.  Don’t let the bad decisions he made stop you from visiting the library.  You’ll appreciate Nixon so much more when you see what he did right.  He deserves the right to be forgiven.


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  1. I try to be an equal opportunity history buff and keep politics out of my decisions where I go. Hopefully one day I will make it to all of the presidential libraries around the country.

  2. It has been several years since I’ve visited the museum but it is certainly worth another visit. If you think their are few visitors to this presidential museum you should visit LBJ’s in Texas. Even the tour guides make comments on it.

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