Remember The Deal We Made?

Remember the deal we made? Or actually…remember the deal you made with yourself?

2015 is going to be your biggest year remember? You are going to be healthier than ever before.

You’re going to win this battle once and for all and never look back.

Remember that deal?

Well tomorrow, Ryan, Stephanie and Erin are going to help you do just that. Tomorrow, the Healthy Living Bundle will be available for just 48 hours.

This post is my way of telling you to stand by and be ready to stand behind your word and walk the walk to live and breathe the life you planned.

I’ll be in touch with a reminder as soon as they open the store.

Until then, mentally prepare yourself to take the next step on this incredibly rewarding journey.

Time left until the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is gone forever…

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Lover of Jesus, Scott, my family, sea glass, eyeshadow, pretty toes, the stars & autumn. Theology school student. Doctor of Sacred Studies.