Prostate Rite: Advanced Prostate Support

Prostate Rite: Advanced Prostate Support

Prostate Rite: Advanced Prostate SupportProstate Rite: Advanced Prostate Support


Men, how many times do you get up during the night with the urge to urinate only to have it take forever due to a weak stream?  It feels like you’re standing there for 5  minutes before you can complete the task and return to bed.  You can combat this problem with  Prostate Rite: Advanced Prostate Support, which contains a combination of botanicals, minerals, and nutrients that support a healthy prostate.  

Prostate Rite contains the botanical ingredients saw palmetto extract and beta-sitosterol (phytosterol) that are shown to be effective in clinical trials when treating prostate issues. Prostate Rite also provides the supplements zinc, selenium, copper, and green tea extract, which are all known to play a role in prostate function.

Each bottle of Prostate Rite contain 90 capsules; enough for three per day.  I asked my husband if he would take them for the review.  While he hasn’t been completely faithful in taking them three times a day, he has taken quite a few of the Prostate Rite capsules.  I’ve noticed that when he gets up at night, he now has a more steady stream and it doesn’t feel like it takes him longer than usual to urinate before coming back to bed.  That’s evidence enough for me!

Prostate Rite is made in USA in an FDA-registered GMP certified facility with 100% natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality for its users.  All 100Naturals products are backed by an unprecedented five 100% guarantees: All products are 100% natural, 100% drug-free, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 100% full refund if you are not 100% satisfied for ANY reason in 100 days, and 100% potency tested by a 3rd party. 


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