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I had never heard of ponte pants until I had the opportunity to review them and I really love them!  Ponte is a type of knit fabric.  The ponte pants are stretchy.  Worn tighter, they could be leggings.  

Bodisure’s ponte pants are generous at the waist and have tapered ankles.  I really loved how I didn’t feel bound in my pants when sitting down.  I felt better with a longer shirt, because the pants didn’t hold my tummy in.  They have a thin permanent raised crease down both the front and back of the ponte pants giving them a more formal look.  

The pants have two small horizontal zippered pockets to put small items.  I put my cough drops in them, but they wouldn’t accommodate my mike-pack for me to hear the band.  But, because the waistband didn’t bind, I could put the mike-pack in my waistband.  


ponte pants


Bodisure’s ponte pants come in sizes 14/16, 18/20, and 22/24.  I ordered the 22/24, afraid that they would be too small, but I was wrong.  They fit me really well.  You might consider ordering a size smaller than you’d normally wear.  

Bodisure’s ponte pants are machine washable, so you won’t be running to the dry cleaner.  The fabric is advertised to keep its shape and not pill.  


ponte pants


Here’s a better picture of me in the ponte pants.  I wanted the best light, so, of course the bathroom was where this picture is taken.  You can see my kitty’s tail in the bottom of the picture.  

Whether you wear your ponte pants as legging or as pants, you’ll look fabulous in both casual and more formal settings.  

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I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. These sound really comfortable and that is so important for me. I think my daughter would love these and I wish they came in my size or I’d purchase a pair to try.

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