Plastic Straws Suck



Plastic Straws Suck!


Each time we use a plastic straw, it ends up in a landfill as another piece of trash taking up valuable real estate.  I’ve found the solution to this dilemma. 

8 Extra Long Stainless Steel Drinking Straws are reusable and reduce waste in landfills.  Each package of eight environmentally-friendly straws comes with 2 cleaning brushes to clean the inside of the straws and are also dishwasher safe. Because the straws aren’t made of plastic, they are BPA-free.  Each straw is 18/8 grade stainless steel (or 302, which refers to stainless steel with nominally 18% chromium and 8% nickel and resistant to corrosion) and they won’t rust or bend and have no metallic aftertaste. 

The straws are great for all sorts of drinks and I use them for my smoothies and shakes.  At 10.5 inches they are long enough to accommodate the largest drinking cups.  They’re perfect for my favorite and affordable 20 oz and 30 oz stainless steel tumblers.  These stainless steel straws can be kept it the freezer and be used to keep your cold drinks cold. 

These stainless steel straws are a fabulous gift for the person who has everything and this price you can afford to buy two sets!   




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18 thoughts on “Plastic Straws Suck

  1. I really do like this idea. I didn’t give this any thought about how plastic straws is just adding to more trash. I was wondering if it would leave a metal taste in my drink but I’m glad it doesn’t. Thanks for hosting a giveaway Sandy, entering now. #ProductReviewParty

  2. This is the first time that I have heard of these. What a great idea. I think a frozen mudslide would taste great using one of these straws.

  3. I would adore to win this, but I can’t do all of the entries. I have used 3 different browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome – I am on a Mac) and the widget just returned an error. Attempted to sign in every way (Twitter, FB, Email) and it seems to allow that, but will not process the entries to like your fb page or to follow for your twitter page no matter what I do (and I do follow both). It either produces an error (like this “There was an error while communicating with the Twitter API server” or says “please wait” indefinitely.


    This might be why you are listed as a “low entry” giveaway, I dunno. The Amazon ad covers the lower third left of the widget and may be the problem (or not, as these things go!). Try putting a spacer above it. I’ve got screen shots if you need them.

    1. Margot, I verified that you have 2 entries into the contest. I can see who’s entered. The widget is something that I have to use from the sponsor and don’t have a say in that, unfortunately. I’m sorry you’ve been having trouble with it.

      1. Hi Sandy! Thank you so much for taking a look at that. 2, humm … The widget tells me 5. So that’s a problem too isn’t it? Maybe you should tell Tomoson about the problem. Let me know if you need screen shots. In any case, thanks for the opportunity and for your charming blog!

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