Are You A Passionate Mom?


I had the awesome opportunity to review Susan Merrill‘s book “The Passionate Mom: Dare to Parent in Today’s World“. The opportunity came from the author herself, whom I had the privilege of meeting at a friend’s wedding last year.

I have to assure the men that while this book is “The Passionate Mom”, this book is for the dads as well. I think that every parent should read it. Perhaps it should be renamed The Passionate Parent?!

Susan uses the book of Nehemiah as a guide for parenting. She talks about Nehemiah and his request for permission from the king to go repair the wall surrounding Jerusalem. She has 10 P’s that title each chapter. The first P is Perception. When I was reading this chapter, I thought about how sometime I am so busy perceiving other peoples issues that I fail to perceive my own child’s issues. To truly get what’s going on with our kids, we have to spend a lot of time just watching and listening. What we actually do is talk to much and lecture and we miss the real story.

Susan’s fifth P word was Patience. Patience just happens to be a weakness for me as well as evidenced by it being my word to focus on for 2013. Let’s just say that I get her issue with patience, because I have my own. Our kids need for us to be patient. They are fairly new to this thing we call life and we can’t expect them to be as on the ball as those of us that have been around the block a few times.

momSusan touches on every imaginable topic that a mother (parent) needs to know about when raising children. I’m sorry I didn’t have this book when my now 19 year old son was younger. I think it would have helped me through some of the tougher times he faced as a tender-hearted child. The good thing is that he is doing well, making friends, and growing up to be a fine man.

So, go get the book, because it’s fabulous. It goes on sale Tuesday, 4/16/2012. Susan is such a vibrant woman, wife, and mother. She and her husband Mark (of Family First & All Pro Dad & iMom fame) are raising children with various personalities. I can’t imagine her not hitting of most situations that touch every family. And, while she writes from a Christian’s perspective, non-Christians can learn from the examples she gives from her own experience in difficult or different times.




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  2. More than any other this book really got me thinking and I believe I’ve improved as a mom because of it.

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