Deluxe Ozeri Milk Frother Review

Ozeri milk frother

Ozeri milk frother


Ozeri Milk Frother 


Every Saturday, my husband I run out to the store to get lattes when we have a perfectly good coffee maker at home.  Why is it we waste our money on specialty coffee when we can make the same thing in the privacy of our own home at a fraction of the cost?  And, frankly, why the heck am I getting dressed when I can drink coffee in my jammies in my own home?  Seriously!

Let me introduce you to the Deluxe Ozeri Milk Frother, which comes with a stand, a 12 oz milk frothing pitcher, an extra whisk attachment, and 2 AA batteries.  


Ozeri Milk Frother



The push on/push off power button allows you immediate control of the Ozeri Milk Frother.  Whether you are frothing milk, cream, or half & half for your coffee, the Ozeri Milk Frother will have your cup of joe ready to drink in just a minute with the powerful frother.  

The handy stand allows you to prop up the frother before you clean it, so that you don’t lose your Ozeri Milk Frother in a drawer.  The 12 oz. milk frothing pitcher is the perfect size and holds just the right amount of milk for your perfect cup of coffee.  And, in case you need to replace your whisk attachment, the Ozeri Milk Frother comes with one.

So, you really, really need to get a Deluxe Ozeri Milk Frother to complement your cappuccino, latte, cafe au lait, espresso, or java.  



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