Fresh Breath + Health Gums = Oral Probiotics

Fresher Breath + Healthier Gums = Advanced Oral Probiotics

Fresher Breath + Healthier Gums = Advanced Probiotics

Advanced Oral Probiotics


Pretty much every probiotic I’ve taken is the same.  Pill, capsule, whatever.  Today, I bring you something different.  Advanced Oral Probiotics.  Why are they different, you ask.  Well, let me tell you.  

Not only are these oral probiotics filled with 3 billion CFU per tablet.  Not only are they filled with LiveBac, a proprietary blend of seven strains of beneficial bacteria along with calcium and zinc.  But these probiotics are chewable.

Not different, you say.  This oral probiotic is chewed AFTER you brush and floss your teeth.  Really?  Yes, really!

Been developed by a leading holistic dentist, these mint-flavored oral probiotics are formulated to help you to have fresher breath and healthier gums.   

All you need to do after taking care of your teeth for the night is to chew one of the tablets and go to bed.  After 30 minutes, the bacteria begins to increase their population in your gut where they work to keep you healthy.

The tablet has a light minty flavor that’s not overwhelming and it doesn’t burn the mouth or tongue.  It has a pleasant taste without any unpleasant after-taste.  Even your kids will want to take these oral probiotics.  It also comes in strawberry vanilla flavor.  

These oral probiotics are lactose-free, gluten-free, fluoride-free, and bleach-free.  It doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or any artificial flavors.  It’s suitable for vegetarians.  This Great Oral Health product is manufactured in American.  


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