It’s Now or Never!



My inbox is flooded with all your questions about the Healthy Living Bundle.

Here is the answer to the most common one I’ve been receiving:

Ryan, Stephanie, and Erin will be making the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle fully available for only 48 hours starting on December 29 at midnight.

When they made the bundle available in September, they sold almost 20,000 copies. But then the window to buy the bundle closed.

Ever since then, people have been BEGGING them to sell it again. What folks don’t realize is that it is not that simple!

Every time they make such an amazing collection of books, courses and resources available, they need to get permission from all the incredible authors and experts who are contributing content to the bundle.

Getting renowned authorities in each field to give away their high-value products for incredible discounts is not easy…especially twice.

But Ryan and Stephanie are fighters…you know their story by now I’m sure? Super husband got cancer and beat it. Super wife vowed to transform her family’s life to protect their 4 wonderful children from a similar fate.

Yeah…they’re something special.

So, obviously, they went back to the bargaining table for you, got all the authors onboard, put together all the fantastic knowledge available from thousands of amazing people who have invested their lives into each of their domains of expertise.

And they got permission for 2 more days — 48 more hours, to get bring you fire from the heavens so that you can improve your family’s health.

That 48 hours starts on December 29 at midnight. Mark it in your calendar because it’s now or never!

As soon as that window opens, we will give you all the information you’ve been asking for and more. Trust me…you DO NOT want to miss this part of the movie.

In case you haven’t seen these already, here are the testimonials from the people who bought the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle in September. Their success stories could be yours in just a few months!

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