Super Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

stainless steel mixing bowls

stainless steel mixing bowls

 Fulmar Stainless Steel Non-Skid Mixing Bowls


Who doesn’t have tons of mixing bowls?  I’ve picked mine up over the years piecemeal.  They’re all good, but they aren’t great.  They slide all over the counter, make a mess when I’m using them to pour into other containers, and are difficult to hold.

The 3 piece Fulmar Mixing Bowls are different.  First, they are all different sizes.  These mixing bowls come in 1.4 quart, 3 quart, and 4 quart sizes.  Just right for a small dishes or larger batters.  Each bowl has a spout for more accurate pouring and less drips.

One of the harder things for me is holding on to a bowl without it slipping or hurting my hands.  With the Fulmar Mixing Bowls, this is no longer a problem.  Each mixing bowl has a silicone-covered handle, which makes holding, carrying, and pouring easier than ever.

And how many times are you using a handheld mixer or are trying to beat batter by hand only to have your bowl slide across the counter out of your hands?  This is a thing of the past with the non-skid, silicone-bottomed mixing bowls, which prevents shifting while you’re using it and it grips the surface solidly.

Your stainless steel mixing bowls are polished with a mirror shine and they’re made from high quality materials that are durable and strong for many years of use. 




These Fulmar Stainless Steel mixing bowls would make a great gift for your friends; the ones who love the color pink and the ones who are fighting breast cancer and wear the color pink as a symbol of hope. 

I am very happy with my mixing bowls and I’m going to donate my excess bowls so that someone who needs them can put them to use while I use my new Fulmar mixing bowls.



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