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It might be small, but the MiBuddy Bluetooth Speaker (click link to purchase) is mighty.  It comes with a USB cord and an AUX cable as well as bluetooth capability.   And, you get a bonus 2 gb microSD card, which you’ll find inserted in the microSD slot on your MiBuddy.  The MiBuddy has the ability to play FM radio, play connected to your computer or music device, play from a microSD/tf card, connected via bluetooth to your smart device, and hands-free calling on your phone with its built-in microphone.

As an FM radio device, the MiBuddy is difficult in that you don’t know where you are on the radio dial when you’re searching for a station.  However, that being said, read the instructions for volume control and station searching.  I didn’t really read the instructions first and it left me wondering how I deal with the loud volume.  When you turn off the speaker, it saves the last station that you were playing, so I didn’t have to search for it again. 

I have speakers on my laptop that a lacking much volume, so when I hooked up the MiBuddy via the Aux cord, I was able to hear what I was listening to much more clearly and definitely louder.  When using it via Bluetooth, it has a 33 foot range from its source. 

I don’t have any music (mp3 format) on a microSD/tf card, so I wasn’t able to test it that way, but it’s quite obvious on the MiBuddy where to insert the card. I did pair my Android phone with the MiBuddy, but again, I don’t have any music on my phone, so I couldn’t listen to it that way.  Pairing my phone and the MiBuddy was simple and I’ve never even used Bluetooth before.  

You can see in the picture below that there are very few buttons so it’s pretty easy to use.  The + and – buttons select the next track, search for an FM radio station, and control the sound.  It’s charged when you attach it to your computer via the USB cord. 


The speaker is small, but it sounds like a large speaker.  The sound isn’t as good as a regular stereo speaker, but it can be used for listening to music at your desk or in your car when you don’t have a stereo.  MiBuddy is easily as good a speaker as the built-in speaker on my desktop and much better than the one on my laptop. 


I received this product for free in exchange for an honest opinion.  This post contains affiliate links.

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