Looly’s Couscous Review + Giveaway

Looly's couscous

Loolys couscous


I’ve only had couscous on a handful of times, so having the opportunity to try pre-seasoned couscous was a pleasure.  Soon to be available to everyone, Looly’s couscous was tasty.  Check out their website to join their launch crew.

Hungry after a long Sunday at church, I decided I would try the cinnamon couscous.  All I had to do was add equal parts Looly’s couscous and boiling water and allow it to stand for two minutes.  It was ready to eat.  

I would caution the reader to not make too much.  Thinking a half of a cup wasn’t too much was a mistake.  It was way more than I could eat.  This was more like a two-person serving.  Couscous goes a long way.

The cinnamon Looly’s couscous was good.  It’s not sweet at all.  When I tasted the cinnamon, it really was thinking it needed something a little sweeter, but that’s just me.  One cup of cooked plain couscous is only 176 calories, so it’s a great way to eat something that’s nutritious and low calories.

Couscous doesn’t really have any flavor, so when it’s cooked, it needs to be flavored with seasonings or liquids.  Breakfast couscous can be flavored with things like milk, honey, nuts, and dried fruits to make it more “breakfast like”.  


Looly's couscous


Next, I tried the thyme and turmeric seasoned Looly’s couscous.  This time I decided to make a quarter of a cup, which was a much better single-serving portion.  


Looly's couscous


The thyme and turmeric Looly’s couscous smelled so good that I couldn’t wait to try it.  It had a very light seasoned flavor.  It would be great with chicken or fish.  

For more flavor, you could add chicken broth, roasted vegetables, or add the couscous to a Mediterranean salad.  Because couscous has such a neutral flavor, it really can be eaten with any number of things.  Looly’s Couscous is unprocessed, high-protein, all-natural,  and comes in a gluten-free variety.  

Congratulations Lisa Thoman!!!

You can win your very own Looly’s Couscous right here!  Just an FYI:  I do tend to have issues with the entry form.  Even if you think you didn’t enter, you probably did.  I have to use the entry form that my supplier gives me.  No matter what the date is on the entry form, this contest ends on 2/10/2015 at 6 PM (EST).  The winner will be contacted by Looly’s Couscous.  I am not responsible for fulfilling this contest.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

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