Make Your Light Work For You



The Intellinotion LED headlamp is amazing! It comes with three settings: bright as the sun, not quite as bright, and strobe. It zooms for a narrow or wide beam and it tilts 90 degrees. It fits easily on anyone’s head for 150 lumens of hand’s-free use. It comes with three Energizer AAA batteries and a strong, padded box for easy storage.

A fabulous gift for the mechanic or handyman in your life. It’s a necessary tool for the shop for fine work. 

It’s a great tool for those who bicycle, run, or jog at night as well. It is invaluable to light your way when you are camping, hiking, climbing, and fishing or to signal for help in your time of need.  It’s water-resistant during light rain drizzle, fog, and mist for outdoor use.

Keep it in your car in case of breakdowns or in your drawer for those inevitable power outages.

It’s a wonderful tool for ladies who do fine needlework or crafts and need more direct light. Because it’s so lightweight, it’s comfortable for longtime wearing.

Its combination of strength, toughness, rigidity, heat-resistance, and lightweight (4 oz) makes this the idea gift for anyone of your Christmas list.



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