Laundering Your Lingerie


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From delicate lace panties to striking plush push-ups, surrender your full lingerie drawer to a sudsy, fragrant bath in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Let the Delicate Wash be the seductive solution to safely and effectively launder all intimates.

WWTL_How To Launder Lingerie SORT

  • Sort bras and intimates by material and structure.
  • Detailed lace, padded push-ups, and supportive underwire should always be handwashed.
  • Wash with like colors only.

WWTL_How To Launder Lingerie PRETREAT

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  • Remove body oils, make-up, and self-tanner with the Wash & Stain Bar. Wet the bar and gently work it over delicate straps and supportive underwire.
  • For old and new stains, apply Stain Solution directly to the blemish and work in with your finger.

WWTL_How To Launder Lingerie HANDWASH

  • Prepare a bath of tepid water in a basin or sink and add 2 capfuls or a squirt of Delicate Wash.
  • Soak for up to 30 minutes.
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WWTL_How To Launder Lingerie RINSE

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  • Rinse well. Run tepid water though items until rinse water is no longer soapy.
  • Do not wring. Instead, press the cup gently between the palms of your hands and drain excess water without distorting cup/shape.

WWTL_How To Launder Lingerie DRY

  • Hang to dry or lay item(s) flat in its natural shape on a drying rack. Never use the dryer!
  • Steam intimates for the perfect finish.
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WWTL_How To Launder Lingerie STORE

  • Store bras in their original shape to preserve fit.
  • Fold bras one cup into the other, smoothing out lumps or dent to avoid distorting the construction.
  • Freshen with Delicate Spray between wearing and washing.


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