LATISSE® – the first month


As a Vocalpoint affiliate, I received a free trial certificate for a LATISSE® 3 mL kit.  LATISSE® is said to achieve longer, fuller, darker lashes in 16 weeks (Individual results may vary).

I have been using it for a month and I wanted to report my results so far.  See the picture above.  You be the judge.

2013-12-01 19_47_42-SocialNetworks

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10 thoughts on “LATISSE® – the first month

  1. Have you noticed any change in your eye color or around your eye lids? That is one thing I heard? It is so hard to tell from the pictures if it is working, but I bet you have to give it the full time to truly see. Thanks for posting! I have been curious about this!

    1. I have not noticed any color changes. It was a rarely occurring side effect. It takes 16 weeks for full results but this week in noticing length changes.

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