Luxury Exfoliating Korean Bath Mitt

Korean Bath Mitt

Korean Bath Mitt

 Luxury Exfoliating Korean Bath Mitt


When you want to polish your skin, but don’t want to use a rough salt scrub, you really want to use the Luxury Exfoliating Korean Bath Mitt.  Gentle enough to use every day, but exfoliating enough to slough off dull-looking dead skin.

It’s easy to use.  Just slip your hand into the Korean Bath Mitt, add some soap, and rub away on your arms, legs, neck, back, and all over your body.  As the dead skin flows down the drain, your skin is left looking fabulous.

Wash away the oil and grease that causes blackheads and acne.  Loosen ingrown hair and prevent blemishes.  Get a super-close shave when you use the Korean Bath Mitt before you shave under your arms, your legs, and even before your man shaves his face.  It’s gentle enough to bring all those hairs to attention right before your shave them gone.

Not only will your skin look radiate after you use your Korean Bath Mitt, but it will make your skin more youthful looking while improving circulation.

It has a little loop to hang it up after you used it so that it can dry.  It looks like it can be washed in the washer periodically to disinfect it, however, I’m not sure that I would put it in the dryer.  Better yet, you might want to replace your Korean Bath Mitt every few months.

If you have a large hand, you might find it difficult to get it into your Korean Bath Mitt.  Instead of having to change hands to wash each side of your both, you should consider getting one Korean Bath Mitt for each hand.  


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