Joy Seat Memory Foam Cushion Review

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 Joy Seat Memory Foam Cushion


I spend all day at work sitting only to come home to work on the blog and sit some more.  But, unlike work, I sit on a dining room chair at home.  The Joy Seat Memory Foam Seat Cushion has been an absolute lifesaver on my back and my bum.

Think about it, we’re forever being told that it’s unhealthy to be sedentary, but sometimes you just have to sit.  Isn’t it nice to know that you can be comfortable doing it?  The Joy Seat Memory Foam Cushion helps to alleviate low back pain and leg numbness from sitting too long or on a a hard surface.

A wonderful addition to your car or truck, the Joy Seat is completely portable and weighs just over one pound.  Use it in the office, on the patio, in school, the kitchen, and on your dining chairs. Relieve the pain and pressure of sitting in a wheelchair with a Joy Seat.

The Joy Seat has a soft removable cover that is designed to last and is washable.  When you order, you will receive two e-books on how to combat back pain for FREE!  If you are not totally satisfied with your Joy Seat memory foam cushion, GreatValueCorp offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Reduce back pain or leg numbness due to extended periods of sitting while working or traveling
  • Provides extra cushioning for hard surface seats 
  • Contours to your unique body shape for ultimate comfort
  • Alleviates stress on the tail bone while seated
  • Promotes healthy posture by aligning your spine with its tilted wedge design
  • Reduces pelvic pressure
  • Relieves pain from sciatica


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