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I don’t have an iPhone, but was happy to be able to review an iPhone 6 Screen Protector that my Apple friends really loved.  

My friend Brenda, who blogs at o2b Fun, Inc. couldn’t stop raving about her new iPhone 6 Screen Protector.  This is what she said:  

Wow, I put on my esimple iPhone 6 screen protector on my phone and it was super easy to put on and super secure on the screen.  The instructions were 3 easy steps with all of the necessary tools in the package.  Perhaps I just needed to clean my phone, but it honestly looks brighter.  It’s also very smooth with great definition on text, Facebook, and when viewing my email.  

I was on an hour-long conference call and for the first time ever when I looked at my phone, after holding with my shoulder, there were NO smudges from makeup or skin oils. WOW!  That’s a first.  It must be the screen protector. I’m very impressed.  Later in the day, Brenda texted me to say, “Oh my goodness this is really is nice!”


iPhone 6 screen protector


My friend Kim, who blogs at Living with Juvenile Arthritis, was also very impressed with her iPhone 6 Screen Protector:  

The iPhone 6 Screen Protector was VERY easy to put on, and the bubbles were few, but easy to work out. I love the fact that there is a second protective film that you peel off the screen AFTER you apply the screen protector. That way when you work out the bubbles with the enclosed card, the disposable layer is the one that might be scratched, not the “real” layer that you are left with after you finish installing.

Some screen protectors look funny, like with a rainbow sheen if you are wearing sunglasses, but this one doesn’t. That’s great when you are outdoors with your glasses on! While I wouldn’t say it is completely fingerprint free, it is pretty close and far, far less than the other screen protectors I have had.

It isn’t as smooth as others I have used, the feel is a little “stickier”, for lack of a better term.  It’s a little less slick, but that hasn’t affected my use of the screen or the touch component. It works well, but might slow me down a little, if I played games as much as my kids do.  The little bit of lag in the touch actually makes it a little easier to type/text with without getting inaccurate or accidental letters. I prefer the iPhone 6 Screen Protector and would purchase it if I had to pay for it. It is worth it!


iPhone 6 screen protector



Where there you go.  Two friends give the iPhone 6 Screen Protector two thumbs up.  This is a highly recommended iPhone 6 Screen Protector.


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