Hydracentials On-the-Go Lunch Tote

Hydracentials Lunch Tote

Hydracentials Lunch Tote

Hydracentials On-the-Go Lunch Tote


You don’t have to put a brown paper bag over your head when you use the fashionable Hydracentials On-the-Go Lunch Tote

Brown bags can only be used so many times before they need to be thrown away and they don’t stop fluids from spilling when your salad dressing leaks.  Lunch boxes are small and they don’t allow you to carry large drinks or containers. 

Not only is the Hydracentials lunch tote spacious, but it’s fashionable, too.  The lunch tote pictured above looks like a purse and it comes in neutral black and white, so it goes with everything you have.  There are some others lunch tote styles at the Amazon link in the hyperlink above and the graphic below that look more like hobo bags.

In the zippered tote, I was able to hold a plastic sandwich container, a 5 cup plastic container, and a 28 oz drink.  While I put my utensils and napkins in the outside pocket so that they would stay dry.  The insulated tote is large enough to add a cold pack to keep your food cool.

The lunch tote is the largest one that I’ve seen at 15 x 9 x 6 inches.  It’s reusable and eco-friendly. 

Not only is this perfect for you to carry to work, but it’s great for you to put your child’s lunch and snacks for the day in it.  It doesn’t look like every other child’s bag, so there will be no mistaking which lunch tote is your child’s. 

I’m really happy with my Hydracentials On-The-Go Lunch Tote and will be using it for years to come. 


Check out my brief video review below.




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