Hidden Falls: Ordinary Secrets

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Hidden Falls: Ordinary Secrets is written by Olivia Newport and released by Barbour Books.  It is going to be released only via e-book and in short episodes. Imagine your favorite TV show, filled with suspense and just a smidge of romance, releasing each week, but rather than going to Netflix or Hulu for your weekly episode, you’ll visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or another online retailer.  The first episode is available here for you to review FREE.  There will be a total of 13 episodes with a new must-read episode releasing every week beginning January 24!  Join the Hidden Falls community on Facebook here for some fun interaction, giveaways, and more.

Hidden Falls is the story of a small town, all gathered together to honor a special teacher, Ted Quinn.  Former students and friends come from all over the country to acknowledge Quinn’s long-time project.  His friend and town mayor, Sylvia, has planned this big event and she expects it to go off without a hitch.  Just as Quinn is ready to go on stage, something goes terribly wrong.

I’d love to share more, however, you and I have to wait until the next episode is released on January 24, 2014.  You can read the first chapter of Hidden Falls: Ordinary Secrets – Episode 1  and find out the rest of the story.  Until January 24th, visit Hidden Falls on Facebook and join others who are waiting to see what happens next.  You’ll find links the next episodes below.

Don’t miss a single episode…

Episode 1 – Ordinary Secrets releases 12/28/13

Episode 2 – Losing Quinn releases 1/24/14

Episode 3 – A Town in Trouble releases 1/31/2014

Episode 4 – Unexpected Hero releases 2/7/2104

Episode 5 – The Mayor’s Quandary releases 2/14/2014

Episode 6 – No Time for Answers releases 2/21/2014

Episode 7 – Yesterday’s Promise releases 2/28/2014

Episode 8 – All You Need to Know releases 3/7/2014

Episode 9 – A Fair Refuge releases 3/14/2014

Episode 10 – One Familiar Tune releases 3/21/2014

Episode 11 —  When Memory Came releases 3/28/2014

Episode 12 – The Groundskeeper Remembered releases 4/4/2014

Episode 13 – Distinguishing Marks releases 4/11/2014

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  1. looks like as of tomorrow Ill be able to get all 3 episodes!!
    There was another similar styled e book series I bought about a circus. I only read pt 1, it was good.
    are you doing the Sweetheart Hop? I am.
    Off to check out Hidden Falls 🙂

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