Hershey’s spreads (chocolate)


I received an opportunity through Crowdtap to review Hershey’s spreads in chocolate.  I have to say right from the start, this stuff is delicious and tastes great after you stick your finger in the jar and just lick it off of your finger.  But, I have to review it in a number of ways.

I cleaned my house this week and was starving, so I decided to make a peanut butter and Hershey’s chocolate spread sandwich.


After getting all of my ingredients together, I made a sandwich with one slice of bread.  I layered the peanut butter first and then added the Hershey’s chocolate spread.


Looks yummy!  I folded over the sandwich and took my first bite.


I must say that I could tell that there was something sweet on the sandwich, but I couldn’t taste the Hershey’s chocolate spread.  The peanut butter overpowers the taste.  So, this probably isn’t the way that you want to eat the Hershey’s chocolate spread.  My son was not impressed with the peanut butter-Hereshey’s spread sandwich either.

The next thing I tried was Hershey’s spread with pretzels.  I love the salty-sweet combination of pretzels and chocolate.  My son and my husband got in on this taste test as well.


I thought that it was pretty good.  My husband gave it a  5 out of 10 points.  My son thought it was okay.

The next thing I tried was with a raspberry turnover.  Yum!  I love raspberry and chocolate together.  Now this was a combination that I could eat again.  It was delicious!


It was a little thick, even after I stirred it around a bit.  So I got a lot of chocolate on the turnover, but I wasn’t too sad about it.  I highly recommend trying this and I just might do it again with my second turnover.  😉


All-in-all, I like the Hershey’s chocolate spread.  I have never tried it before.  I’m not sure how much it’s going to be in the stores, but I might try it again.  Having Hershey’s chocolate spread isn’t something we normally keep in the house, but it might be a fun item to have for a dessert party with friends.  It could be used in combination with other food items like s’mores or fruit.

I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.

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