Hango Large + Small Lunch Bags

hango lunch bag

hango lunch bag

 Hango Large + Small Lunch Bags


Hango Lunch Bags are absolutely adorable.  It comes with two Hango Lunch Bags; a small one and a larger one.  

The issue I tend to have my lunch bags is that they aren’t big enough to carry my lunch and a 20 oz. bottle of soda.  Never more do I have to worry about it with these Hango Lunch Bags. 

You can use the small one to carry fruits, sandwiches, cookies, or other snacks.  It’s great for holding utensils, napkins, multiple smaller containers, and other small items you might want to carry for a meal.  

The big lunch bag can hold full meals, kits for your picnic, or a six-pack of soda.  It’s big enough to hold a larger bowl and a freezer pack as well.  

Better than plastic or paper bags because they are reusable, your durable lunch bags pay for themselves and save the environment and they look good doing it.  

I really like these lunch bags, but I have to warn the purchaser that these bags have a very strong chemical smell.  I opened mine and put them on my porch for about two weeks to air them out.  The larger one isn’t so back now.  It was even in my hot car and didn’t stink up my car.  The smaller one was closed back up and still has a strong smell.  Because the bags don’t smell as bad as when I received them, they aren’t a deal-breaker.  Just be aware and plan to let them air out.  I probably wouldn’t put food in it that wasn’t in a closed plastic container, just to make sure that the smell didn’t seep into the food.

Currently only available in black, the lunch bags also come in pink.  Hango’s large and small lunch bags come with a lifetime guarantee.


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