Oil-Powered Permanent Hair Color

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I had the opportunity to do a product test and review on Garnier’s newest hair color product, Olia. I jumped at the opportunity because I had already used Olia once after seeing it at Target about 6 weeks ago. I wasn’t impressed with the product then, but my opinion has since improved with this recent application.

Here’s the before picture. I had my hair cut pretty short last week, so what you’re seeing it mostly my own hair color. Any red hints are what was left of the first application of Garnier Olia.

hair colorI chose Intense Red (6.60).

hair colorHere’s what’s in the box. I really like their applicator bottle, but it’s a little hard to hold and shake. First, you add the developer

hair colorThen, the colorant

hair colorYou put the top on and shake it up very, very well, and apply

hair colorThe color comes out foamy, which makes it drip less.

Here’s what it looks like after applied all over my hair

hair colorAfter waiting the appropriate time (30 minutes on the directions), here’s what it looked like

hair colorI got into the shower and washed the product from my hair. I have been coloring my own hair for about 15 years. I am not a newbie. The first time I used this product, for about 4 days, I still had color bleeding in the shower. This time, I did not. I washed my hair as instructed and took a second shower later in the day. I only had a little bit of color bleed, which is easy to tell in your shampoo foam. This morning, my third shower, there was hardly any.

Here’s my still-wet hair after color

hair colorMy only complaint about Garnier Olia was that the color stained the skin. My regular color is a Garnier product and this never happens with that product. It was so noticeable, my husband and son actually said something about it.

hair color

hair colorBut, look at the results…FABULOUS!

hair color


hair colorThis most recent use of Garnier Olia has changed my mind about it. I wasn’t crazy about the product with the first usage, but this time was an improved experience. I have gotten many compliments on the color; many more than with my usual color.

Garnier Olia comes in 21 vibrant colors in shades of black, red, brown, and blonde. It’s priced around $8.99.

hair colorFive days after I’ve colored my hair, I’m still having bleed-through color on my towels. I’m not liking that because I’ve just bought new towels and the red will ruin them. I dried my hair on my t-shirt.

hair color

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.

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7 thoughts on “Oil-Powered Permanent Hair Color

  1. The color turned out great but oh no, don’t you hate when color bleeds! I have never colored my hair before and I’m too scared to do it so I just walk around with my boring natural hair color. I need to work up the confidence of coloring my hair to give myself a new look. Great review! #ProductReviewParty

  2. The color looks great. When I used to color my hair I always put a thin coat of Vaseline around my face so if the dye did get on my face it wouldn’t die it. To be honest I wouldn’t like it getting on my towels after the fifth day.

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