Greenwald’s Glass + Hard Surface Cleaner

glass and hard surface

glass and hard surface

 Greenwald’s Glass + Hard Surface Cleaner


Greenwald’s Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner is a great cleaner for your mirrors, glass top stove, counters, windshield, and any other hard surface you can think of.  It doesn’t streak or film and it doesn’t leave any haze behind. 

Our mirrors get messy so quickly and with Greenwalds, it can clean them in a flash.  One of the particularly difficult spots to keep clean, with a 21 year old in the house who does a little bit of cooking, is the glass top stove.  It gets greasy and dirty whenever we cook. With Greenwald’s hard surface cleaner, my stove top shines in no time at all.

Your hard surface cleaner is shipped with an empty plastic bottle with a substantial sprayer and a container of six packets of concentrated cleaner – enough for 6 quarts of cleaner!  Just one packet of concentrated cleaner in a water-soluble skin and a quart of water makes a huge bottle of glass and hard surface cleaner. 

Not only are you reducing your garbage waste by reusing your plastic bottle, you can purchase just the container of concentrated cleaner packets so you can reuse the bottle over and over and over again.  This saves you money by buying your glass cleaner this way.

I was really pleased at the way my mirrors looked after cleaning them with Greenwald’s glass cleaner.  I like that it doesn’t leave a lingering scent behind to stink up my home.  It cuts through the grease on my glass top stove and make it shine.  I love using Greenwald’s Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner and highly recommend it. 




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