Fuego No-Slip Black Socks Giveaway

Fuego No-Slip Black Socks Giveaway

 Fuego No-Slip Black Socks GiveawayFuego No-Slip Black Socks Giveaway


Fuego No-Slip Black Socks are so very comfortable.  When I wear athletic socks, they tend to slip down into my shoe and leave compressions in my calves.  Not so with my Fuego socks.  For this reason, these socks would be great for anyone with vascular issues or is diabetic.  I found these socks to keep my feet dry and the socks didn’t smell after I wore them all day. 


Some of the interesting features of these crew socks are:

  • they come in left & right socks so that they fit your feet well
  • the top of the socks don’t bind or compress you calf
  • there is a heel pocket to help prevent them from slipping into your shoe
  • there’s extra cushioning in areas where your foot is prone to receive injuries
  • the mesh ventilation helps keep feet cool and dry
  • there’s elastic over the foot to keep them secure when you walk or run
  • there are stripes at the top of the foot to prevent bunching


The Fuego No-Slip Socks have the metal silver woven into them at 60 parts per million (ppm).  This give the socks some really cool features.  The advantage to adding silver to the composition of the socks are that it acts as a deodorant, it acts as an antimicrobial to help eliminate foot odor, it helps to conduct sweat and keep feet dry, and it helps to prevent cold feet.   

You can enter to win a pair of Fuego No-Slip Black Socks.  They come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large.  I wear size 9½ or 10 and have the large pair and they fit great.  Fuego will be contacting the winner, after I pass on the information, and providing them the socks.  The giveaway ends on 8/19 at 6 PM ET.  Good luck! 

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  1. Sandy, These would be perfect for my parents-in-law. Non slip socks are a must for seniors especially if they have tiles in their home. Thanks for sharing this at #AnythingGoes link up!

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