Friday Review Mash Up #9

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #9


Happy Friday, friends!  I have another Friday Review Mash Up post with great Christmas gifts for your family and friends.  If you order today, you should have these items before the big day.  


EasyAcc Smart USB Charger/Stand

The EasyAcc Smart USB Charger/Stand, which plugs into a standard wall plug, is a charging station that allows you to charge two cell phones or tablets at one time while they are standing up.  The wall cord appears to be about 5 feet long and it allows you to plug in the enclosed USB cord or any USB cord that you need to charge your cell phone, tablet, or other USB charged device.  Your devices will be safe from being knocked about sustaining damage.  It’s a great stand that allows you to watch movies or videos on your device hands-free.  It’s a great item for someone’s stocking this Christmas.


YOPO Camera Lens Kit for Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/Note 3/4

The YOPO Camera Lens Kit for Samsung Galaxy S5/S6 is much better quality than other cell phone lens kits that I’ve reviewed. I have a Galaxy S4, but with the 4 enclosed phone cases, I was able to fit the phone into one of the cases to use the lenses. It comes with a tripod that allows you to use the smalls lenses and the phone in a clip or the larger telephoto lens with your phone on a more sturdy attachment. The telephoto lens was amazing and it did a great job of taking a close-up photo of my husband who was sitting across the room. The best part about these lenses is that they screw onto the case and don’t just clip on like other lens kits. This prevents them from slipping off or becoming off-center. I really think that this is one of the best lens kits for a cell phone that I’ve ever seen.


Peppermint Essential Oil by Simply Earth

Not every company that sells essential oils sells a good product, but this Simply Earth Peppermint Essential Oil is the real deal – 100% pure with no additives and without being undiluted. No weird chemical scents. I diffused this in my office for a couple of days and my coworkers found the fragrance pleasant. What I found to be the best thing, besides the purity of the oil, was that Simply Earth shares their profits to help end human trafficking. So I feel good about purchasing from a company that gives back to help others. You’ll be a good quality product and help others with your purchase. I highly recommend purchasing this and any other Simply Earth products.


MagiKüchen Stainless Steel Mango Cutter

The MagiKüchen Stainless Steel Mango Cutter may be less expensive than the name brand mango cutters, but it can do the job just as effectively. Not only does this mango cutter look exactly the same at the name brand, but it can slice through a mango in seconds. It’s comfortable to use, even for a first-timer like me. It comes in a sturdy box and would be a great for a housewarming, Christmas, birthday, or just-because gift. Anyone who eats mangos on a regular basis will appreciate the MagiKüchen Stainless Steel Mango Cutter.


Tweezers Set by Marbeian

This Tweezers Set by Marbeian contains 2 stainless steel tweezers. One tweezer has a pointed end for those hard to reach hairs or splinters. The other tweezer is a regular angular tool for daily use. The set comes with a eyebrow brush and everything is contained in a case to keep the items from becoming damaged. Not only are these great tools in your beauty arsenal, but they’re great for crafts and first aid kits as well.


Gold Plated Turquoise Ring

I’m not a costume jewelry fan, but I love this Gold Plated Turquoise Ring. First of all, it’s very difficult to find turquoise with gold. I don’t wear silver and turquoise is my birth stone, so I like to wear it. While I suspect that this isn’t a real piece of turquoise, it’s very hard to tell. I love wearing this ring. Because it only comes in size 7 and 8, I had to get one that would fit on my pinky. This is a substantial piece and it has some weight to it. I would have preferred it to come in larger sizes, but I’m really ok with it. This is a quality piece of costume jewelry that I’m extremely happy to have and look forward to many years of wear.



I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.  

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