Friday Review Mash Up #8

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #7


This week on the Friday Review Mash Up, I’m sharing inexpensive items that would make great gifts or stocking stuffers this Christmas.  You could package a calendar and pack of colored pencils for a must-have white elephant gift exchange at the office Christmas party and your gift will be the one fought over.  Enjoy!


Posh 2016 Coloring Calendar

I got this Posh Coloring Calendar at the gift shop at the Mark Twain house while we were on vacation, because I wanted a small picture to color every day at work. I colored January 1st with the Ohuhu 72 Colored Pencils. While the pictures may be small, they’re certainly not simple. I spent a whole afternoon coloring the one day because of the details. There are pictures with specific designs, like a cat, and designs that are more abstract. I’m looking forward to seeing what each day brings when I change my calendar to and get a new picture to color. This calendar makes a great gift to yourself or for someone you love.


Ohuhu Colored Pencils

These gorgeous Ohuhu 72 Colored Pencils are great for coloring.  The colors are brilliant and look good on the paper and when I color my Posh Coloring Calendar.  They feel comfortable in my hand.  They aren’t completely round so they don’t roll easily when on your table.  I highly recommend these colored pencils for your coloring pleasure.  You can purchase 24, 36, 48, or 72 pencils along with some pretty cool pencil sharpeners.  


Mondaynoon Swarovski-Element Crystal Half Leather Bracelet

I really do like this Mondaynoon bracelet, however, it’s very small. I know that my wrist is larger, but I can’t even get this bracelet together. I’ll be giving it to a friend, who has a smaller wrist, but I would have liked to have been able to wear it myself. It’s a very attractive bracelet (yellow stone & gold) and quite fashionable and my one issue with it is that it’s so small. If this bracelet is going to be worn my people, it should at least be standard sized; either 7 or 8 inches around.  It comes in 10 different colored crystals and metal combinations.  


Van Husen Cufflinks

These Van Heusen Cufflinks come in 11 different designs. They make a great gift for a young man to complete his French cuff shirt. They come in a gift box where they can be kept safely. Substantial, but not too heavy, they are a sign of a true fashionable gentleman. They are easily installed on the cuff. They are inexpensive enough for you to purchase multiple designs.


Sztrokia Multi-Angle Aluminum Phone Stand

The Sztrokia Multi-Angle Aluminum Phone Stand is a wonderful, sturdy stand for your cell phone or tablet. I like that I don’t have to hold my tablet to watch a movie. This is a heavy duty aluminum stand that won’t break. The stand is completely adjustable to any angle that works for you. Great for people with difficulty holding their phone or tablet or simply don’t want to hold it. I recommend it!


Besties Premium Manual Coffee Grinder

I used the Besties Premium Manual Coffee Grinder to grind enough beans for 8 cups of coffee and it took about 5 minutes to grind it. I found the mechanism was good and my coffee was ground well. You have to manually adjust the grind and you have to try it to see if it’s large or small enough for you. The ground coffee is kept in the bottom of the grinder and could potentially be stored there until you’re ready to use it. I was glad that a non-slip silicone mat to prevent the coffee grinder from slipping. Definitely a good thing to have when you don’t have a grinder, but it does take a lot of elbow grease and more time than an electric grinder.



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  1. I’m really hoping my Secret Santa follows my list and gives me some coloring books and pencils. I like the idea of the bracelet as well. Thanks for sharing some gift ideas with us at #OvertheMoon link up. x

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