Friday Review Mash Up #57

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #57


I.Lublin Anti Wrinkle Serum

Not only did I get 2 50 ml bottle of I.Lublin Anti Wrinkle Serum but they were also wrapped in pretty wrapping paper.  I felt like I was unwrapping a special gift to myself.  The serum goes on well, absorbs quickly, and leaves my face feeling soft, smooth, and looking more hydrated and healthy.  My skin responded favorably to the serum without any blemishes or other issues.  The anti-wrinkle serum is priced competitively and won’t break the bank.  


Sunsella Premium Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper & Chopper 

The Sunsella Premium Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper and Chopper is a great tool for baking and food preparation.  It’s a sturdy tool made from high-grade stainless steel with a silicone handle that fits comfortably in my hand.  A real bonus is the inch measurements on the blade of the scraper and the blade is beveled to make cutting through dough easy.  The blade is strong enough to pick up whatever you’ve been chopping without bending at all.  This is a must-have tool in any baker’s kitchen.

Bouchard Chocolate Collection

When I tasted the Bouchard Chocolate Collection I had a little bite of heaven in my mouth.  The beautifully packaged box contained 2 layers of 9 different Belgian chocolates.  

  • The coconut cream had a coconut ganache surrounded by white chocolate and toasted coconut.  I really loved the toasted taste of coconut.  It really brought out the coconut flavor.
  • The hazelnut and puffed rice was a praline covered in milk chocolate with the crispiness of the puffed rice.
  • The almond gingerbread was fascinating.  I could taste the gingerbread flakes after biting into the milk chocolate covering the almond praline.  I was left wanting more gingerbread flavor.
  • The milk chocolate covering creamy, rich caramel tasted so much better than any other caramel I’d had before.
  • I’m a huge dark chocolate and raspberry fan and the raspberry ganache didn’t disappoint.  It even had little red hearts stamped on the chocolate.
  • The vanilla mousse covered in milk chocolate melted in my mouth it was so rich and buttery.
  • As a rule, I’m no fan of creme brulee but this white chocolate confection with caramel brittle filling was very good.
  • I was a little disappointed in the blueberry ganache as it didn’t really have a blueberry flavor and it sounded like it would taste so good.
  • Finally, the chocolate mousse with a dark chocolate shell was as rich, creamy, and sinful as it sounds.

This Chocolate Collection makes a great gift for someone special.  Or, you could eat the whole box by yourself and be perfectly satisfied.  


At Ease PM

Sleep well with At Ease PM, the natural way to promote better sleep by calling your mind. It contains B vitamins, magnesium, GABA, L-theanine, 5-HTP, California poppy, lemon balm, and hops. It does not contain sugar, sodium, yeast, wheat, gluten, dairy, artificial flavorings or coloring, preservatives, or animal ingredients. It’s vegetarian and non-habit forming.  

I found that it really did help to calm my mind.  It wasn’t something that I needed nor felt like I needed to take every night.  I think that you should probably take the capsule about 30 minutes before you want to go to bed.  I wasn’t that smart because I get ready for bed right before I get into bed.  


Friday Review Mash Up - At Ease PM

Tiergrade 2.4G Wireless Mouse

The Tiergrade 2.4G Wireless Mouse is a plug and play wireless mouse that I used with my laptop.  The mouse itself said that it took 2-AAA batteries but the packaging said 2-AA batteries.  It does take AAA batteries.  All-in-all the mouse worked really well.  I use a wireless mouse at work without an issue.  But, I left the mouse on.  I forgot to turn it off and burned out the battery overnight.  I can’t keep running through batteries.  Yes, I recommend the mouse.  The real problem was with me forgetting to turn the mouse off.  

3 – 10 Foot Nylon Charging Cables 

This is a 3-pack with 10-foot nylon charging cables from Sunnest that work with your mobile devices. The charging cord rapidly charges whatever Android device you need to charge. The gray cord is attractive and the ends that hold the connectors just add to the quality look of this cord. It’s not going to be easily twisted or tangled. Not only that, it’s 10 feet long so it will stretch across a room for convenient use.


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