Friday Review Mash Up #53

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #53


While I can no longer do reviews on Amazon because they’ve said that reviewers can’t get items for free or at a discount for the purpose of reviews I can do them here.  I’d like to share some of the items with you.


Women’s Basic Handbag/Tote

I was really happy to get such a great quality Women’s Basic Handbag/Tote.  It comes in blue, brown, red, and yellow and is made from PU leather.  It has an insert that is attached by two pins on each side.  The insert occasionally comes off one of the pins but it’s no big deal.  The insert has a zippered pocket and some open pockets for smaller items.  The purse can be held by the two handles that have a braided-type covering to prevent slipping or you can add the purse strap onto the inside pins of the purse.  I’ve only had one strap come off one time from the pins.  The purse holds a lot and looks really nice like it really is leather.  I found the company to be easy to work with and the purse arrived promptly.  It is a great priced bag that really works for me.

Gaming Headset

This Gaming Headset was used by my son on his PlayStation 4, although they can be used with any USB or Aux cable connection.  He found that the headset was uncomfortable after wearing for a couple of hours and the headphones weren’t quite big enough to be completely over-the-ear.  The audio cut out about every 1/2 hour for a split second.  He had a lot of positives about the headset as well like that the microphone worked well and stows away and he liked the volume control feature.  The cord was long enough, a braided cord increases the life of the cord, and there is a split cord for both USB and Aux cable usage.  In the end, my son was glad to have the headset and he plans to use them again.

Hand Grip Strengtheners

This is one of the best sets of 2 Hand Grip Strengtheners that I’ve ever seen.  Each grip strengthener has a dial on the front that allows you to change the resistance from 22 lbs to 88 lbs.  So as you gain strength you can increase the resistance to gain muscle and strength.  The non-slip grips are ribbed so that your hands stay on even if they get sweaty.   Personally, I’m going to use these hand grip strengtheners to improve my ability to fire my handgun and build some muscle in my hands, which tend to be a bit weak.  I’m really impressed with the resistance option on these things and think that it’s a great buy.

8 Piece Cuticle Care Set

This 8 Piece Cuticle Care Set takes your nail kit from just okay to professional.  The stainless steel manicure kit helps to maintain, repair, relieve, and remove cuticles.  I would have liked to see some instructions with the kit but I’m not sure what to do with all of the items.  I do know about the cuticle pusher and I’ll have to look up what the rest of the items are used for.  But if you already know how to use the items then this would be a great kit for you.  The pusher that I used before I painted my nails was sharp and did the job.  

Plantar Fasciitis Foot Care & Ankle Arch Support

I purchased these Plantar Fasciitis Foot Care & Ankle Arch Support Socks for my husband who broke his leg just above his ankle this summer.  He was needing some extra support throughout the day.  He would have liked to see the sleeves go an additional 3 inches up his leg for the best support for his situation, although these are more for ankle and foot support.  He found that they provided adequate support for 3-4 hours but not for the whole day.  He mentioned that after handwashing the sleeves and allowing them to air dry that the edges curled up at the toes and he had to flatten then out again.  He feels that they are definitely better than the pain he was going through and was happy to have them.  

Car Wash Mitt & Duster

After purchasing a new car I was looking for a Car Wash Mitt and Duster to keep my dashboard clean and dust-free.  I liked the bright yellow look of this one but I would suggest washing it first to get any extra loose microfibers off of it because I rubbed them right onto my black dash.  I was not pleased.  I haven’t used it to actually wash my car because I get free car washes with the new car and I’m not a fan of self-washing my car but all of that material is going to be heavy once it’s gets wet and might be difficult to use.




I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.  


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