Friday Review Mash Up #51

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #51

This week’s Friday Review Mash Up is late because I’ve just spent the last three days in our Emergency Operations Center answering questions from concerned citizens regarding Hurricane Matthew that has been hanging out off the coast of Florida this week.  I spent nearly every waking minute working as we waited to see if we were going to be affected by the storm.  Praise God we had hardly any rain and a little wind.  Nothing more.  Check out the products that I am reviewing this week.


All-Natural Organic Lip Color

KK Fashions shared their certified All-Natural Organic Lip Color with me this week.  This potted lip color comes with a twist-off top and an applicator brush that is conveniently stored in a little drawer in the bottom of the pot.  However, you can use your finger to apply it as well.  It comes in red, magenta, and coral and I received the magenta lip color.  I love that the lip color is all-natural and organic as well as having great coverage and color.  It’s easy to carry in your purse for quick touch-ups.  It’s also easy to remove with a tissue.  If you are looking to ditch the chemicals in your cosmetics then you need this lip color.  


Temperature-Changing Jelly Lipstick

Sela Beauty’s Temperature-Changing Jelly Lipstick has a surprise:  It has a little flower on the inside of the color-changing lip color.  Available in three colors/scents (tastes?), red is lemon, orange is peach, and pink is grape.  I ordered the red/lemon jelly lipstick.  It applies very nicely and it feels good on my lips.  The color was a shiny gentle dark pink color in a mid-70s degree room and was a little darker as it remained on my lips.  It reminded me more of a lip gloss than it did a lipstick.  I did find the scent to be just “ok” and the flavor was a bit unpleasant.  This is a fun cosmetic to own and it has a pretty tube however all of the instructions are in Chinese.  

Tomons Scandinavian Desk Lamp

My absolute favorite thing that I reviewed in the last few weeks is the Tomons Scandinavian Desk Lamp.  I have been hard pressed to find a decent desk lamp since the one I owned in the 70s and 80s that I left at my parent’s house when I got married and moved out.  Not only is the Tomons Scandinavian Desk Lamp decent it’s amazing!  The lamp comes in about three pieces:  a very heavy white base, a beautiful light-colored wood arms threaded with a tangle-free nylon cord, and the white metal lampshade.  It uses an E26 light bulb in incandescent or LED.  I’m using a LED bulb and it throws a great deal of light completely lighting up my desk.  This is the desk lamp that I have been dreaming of and I highly recommend it.

2-Pack of 6-Foot Micro USB Cables

This 2-Pack of 6-Foot Micro USB Cables come in black and blue or in black and silver.  The 6-foot length is great for any charging or syncing needs you might have.  I love keeping one in my car for quick charging or for using Android Auto to go hands-free while I’m driving.  The tangle-free cords use high-speed charging technology for rapid charging.  The cords are easily rolled up and placed away in a glove box or drawer until you need it again.  The 2-pack is more than reasonably priced so that you can purchase multiple packs to keep around the house, office, car, and bag.  

UL Listed 6W E26 LED Light Bulb

I purchased this UL Listed 6W E26 LED Light Bulb for a lamp that was incorrectly labeled for this size but ended up using for my desk lamp. It throws out bright clean color and is perfect for use at my desk. It’s cool to the touch and gives off absolutely no heat. I’m able to touch it with my fingers hours after I turn my desk lamp on.

SOLIGT 3-Pack Metal Essential Oil Key Tool

I purchased the SOLIGT 3-Pack Metal Essential Oil Key Tool to pop the dropper fittings and roller balls off of my essential oil bottles. The plastic tools I had used before weren’t nearly sturdy enough and often left me still needing to get things dislodged. These tools have not failed me and come with a ball chain that allows me to keep one on my keep ring for use on the run. I highly recommend these tools for essential oil users or as premiums for your essential oil team members.

Heart Crystals Cross Necklace

The Heart Crystals Cross Necklace is a beautifully designed silvery cross and necklace with white crystal accents and a floating white crystal in the middle of a golden heart. It would look great as a piece of jewelry to wear with a favorite outfit or as a cross with choir robes. It looks well-made and it very attractive. My only complaint is that the chain that it comes with is extremely short for a cross this large. I swapped out the chain for my own longer gold chain and the gold color of the cross was a great match with my real 14K gold chain. This piece is a great way to show your faith loud and proud with a lot of class. A lovely gift for a first communion, confirmation, baptism, or other special Christian ceremony.





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