Friday Review Mash Up #50

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #50


Origin Ties Men’s Elegant Necktie

The Origin Ties Men’s Elegant Necktie is a very attractive tie with an understated yet classy pattern stitched into the black background. It comes in a gift envelope that keeps it flat and protected and very easy to wrap if you want to give it as a gift. Because my son and husband are tall they need longer ties and this tie fits the bill. It’s perfect for someone with a large belly or is very tall. Great to wear for a formal occasion when you don’t want to wear a bow tie. It would even be great for a wedding party, prom, or other special occasions. While this tie looks expensive it is very reasonably priced. I highly recommend it.

Lace Trim Long Crochet Fingerless Gloves

Winters in my office are very cold and my hands really suffer. With these pretty Lace Trim Long Crochet Fingerless Gloves, my hands have a chance. These are crocheted in a pretty sweater pattern and trimmed with lace and buttons. While I have larger hands, the gloves fit my hands a tad snuggly but it’s not a deal breaker. There is a hole for my thumb and the lace-trimmed top where my fingers come out. My fingers aren’t impaired when typing or writing. They are long enough to fit up to my elbows so my whole forearm is kept warm. They come in 7 colors and are so reasonably priced that you can purchase them to match your outfits. Great as a gift.

Topist Car Essential Oil Diffuser

I’ve reviewed a few car diffusers and never had success with them until the Topist Car Essential Oil Diffuser. I filled this with water and a 100% pure therapeutic oil and let it sit about 15 minutes while I did something else so that the wick could absorb the water. When I plugged it into my vehicle and turned it on the diffuser started working immediately and worked my whole 30-minute trip without an issue. I am so excited that I finally have a diffuser for my car. I highly recommend this diffuser over any other.

Pure Joy Aromatherapy Premium Essential Oils Kit

The Pure Joy Aromatherapy Premium Essential Oils have a lovely, true-to-scent smell, unlike many aromatherapy oils. This set comes with eucalyptus, orange, peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, and lavender. The fragrance is strong. My only issue with this set is that they come with tops but nothing to control pouring – nothing that controls drips or an eyedropper. The essential oils come in dark brown glass bottles so there is little risk of the oils going bad. A great starter set of oils for someone wanting to use them.

Tomsenn Fine Point Precision Stylus

The Tomsenn Fine Point Precision Stylus contains a pen on one side and a soft stylus on the other. The pen end can be switched out for a disc stylus for more precision use however I still haven’t figured out how to install the disc stylus and it appears the other users can’t do it either. I was able to unscrew the ends to allow changes. The stylus/pen is heavy but I like to feel my writing implement in my hand and this appeals to me. The ink in the pen tends to smudge if you don’t let it dry sufficiently (about 30 seconds or more and it’s still smudging). A nice tool if you like having a stylus/pen combination.




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