Friday Review Mash Up #48

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #48


As autumn shows her true colors in cooler climes, here in Florida it’s still very hot and very rainy.  Instead of spring allergies, fall allergy season begins, and I’ve been diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.  Joy.


3 and 4 Shelf Office Desk Organizer

The 3 Shelf and 4 Shelf Office Desk Organizers come ready to assemble. The 3 bars screw easily into the supports of the organizer and the drawers slide into place. What I really like about this organizer is that the trays DO slide in and out of the supports so that you can easily reach whatever you might have put in there. This 3 shelf organizer has a pencil holder that you can use or remove as you wish. The supports and mesh are painted black and are very sturdy. If you purchase these organizers, you won’t ever need to replace them. I like having this on my desk to help keep it clutter-free. I’m a huge fan of the matching Vertical Organizer as well.  


Vertical Sling Case/Shoulder Bag

I never really thought about having a carrying case for my tablet but now that I have the Vertical Sling Case/Shoulder Bag, I’m really glad. This case no only has room for a tablet it has room for additional books as well. There are spaces for pens, change, a cell phone, and so much more. This could even be used for men to carry around their personal belongings or for a woman who isn’t a fan of carrying a purse. The case has an adjustable nylon strap and multiple zippered pockets. It can be worn over one shoulder, cross-body, or held by the handle. This is definitely a great purchase that is perfect for everyday use or while you travel.


YogaAddict Full Toe Yoga Socks

YogaAddict Full Toe Yoga Socks don’t disappoint! They are comfortable and will keep your feet planted when you need them to be planted on the yoga mat. They come in white, black, and gray to match your mood or your outfit. Works for more than just yoga, they’re great for wearing around the house, since you won’t slip on non-carpeted surfaces. YogaAddict socks are fabulous quality and won’t fall apart after one wash. You’ll be able to use them time and time again.

Zancona Coffee

The brightly colored bag of Zancona Coffee is so inviting and intriguing to look at. I love the smell of coffee and this Zancona Medium Roast Ground Coffee didn’t disappoint. It was ground to a perfect consistency for me to use in my Keurig. The coffee has a mild flavor that was really tasty and would be pleasant for any coffee drinker. I like that Zancona is not a blend of coffees, but it comes exclusively from Panama and is ethically sourced, supporting the indigenous Kuna tribe. So not only will you like the flavor of this coffee, but you can feel comfortable with the way that it’s grown.


Firhealth Non-Contact Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer

I hadn’t taken the Firhealth Non-Contact Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer out of the box until this morning when I woke up sick. I had a difficult time removing the back of the thermometer to get the plastic protecting the batteries out. I gave it to my husband who had to literally manhandle it to get the back off and to remove the plastic. I found that the temperature seems to be accurate when I hold it close to my head rather than the up to 5 cm away. While you can hold the trigger down for a long period of time without it beeping, you only need to hold it for about a second to get the temperature reading. Changing from C to F is at the press of a button. You can choose to have sound or not and it remembers the last 20 temp readings. This is a great way to get a little one’s temp as well as an adult. No one wants to wait 3 months for a conventional thermometer.


Stainless Steel Chain Necklace

This is a high quality, strong Stainless Steel Chain Necklace that is perfect to wear alone or with a dog tag. I got it to put my husband’s medic alert tag on but the loop on the tag wasn’t large enough to go over the chain. It has a rounded box chain pattern that won’t easily twist or bend out of shape. You can wear it whether sweating, swimming, or doing something else that might oxidize silver. The 26″ chain is large enough to fit over one’s head, but it has a lobster claw clasp., but you can choose which length necklace is right for you.




Litterbiotic is an easily-used product made from bran to help keep the odor down in your cat’s litter box. I did find that it helped to keep the odor under better control & less noticeable, but it’s certainly not perfect. Each bag is supposed to be good for one month, however, with no instructions, I’m not really sure how much to use when I clean the box or change it. I wouldn’t say that it completely eliminates the odor, but it certainly makes living in a small apartment a little more pleasant.


Lifeworks Go Bag

This Lifeworks Go Bag briefcase is really well made with lots of padded pockets to keep my computer and tablet protected.  It has plenty of space for pens, business cards, and other office stuffs.  The zippers appear to be strong and have nylon pulls attached to the zippers to make them easier to use.  There’s an adjustable shoulder strap and a handle.  My only issue was that it’s advertised as a 16″ case, but the tag on the actual case says it’s a 15″ case.  Thankfully, my laptop still fits in it.  



I’m a product review blogger and I received this product in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links.  

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