Friday Review Mash Up #45

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up

Friday Review Mash Up #45


This truly is a mash up of reviews this week.  There’s something for everyone.  I hope you enjoy some of the items I reviewed in the past week.


First Secure 90 piece Roadside Emergency Kit

The First Secure 90 piece Roadside Emergency Kit is the thing that you purchase for your new driver and your college student so that they’re prepared for an emergency while on the road. This kit has everything they need for a dead battery, flat tire, towing, minor injuries, and even if it all happens in the dark of night. And, it all comes in a convenient carrying case that’s going to stand up to use. While you pray you never have to use a kit like this, you’re really, really glad that you have it in case you do need it. You really should have one of these kits in each of your vehicles. I’m certainly glad I’ve got mine!

Stadium Seat

I could have really used a Stadium Seat like this when my son was playing football in high school, because it is definitely more comfortable than the bleachers. It comes in red (a variety would be nice) and it is easily foldable. The stadium seat velcros together and had a strap to carrying it with. I would really like to see the side straps that keep the chair in shape to be connected by a strap clip rather than the included one that has a buckle that you have to weave the strap through. The clip would be more secure and easier to clip/unclip. Otherwise, I’m happy with my stadium chair and it’s comfort for a larger person.

Fishing Rod + Reel Combo

The 5′ 10″ Fishing Rod + Reel Combo is perfect for a lightweight tackle set up. It comes in an 8′ 10″ option as well.  The whole thing collapses for you to throw into a backpack for easy carrying, but sets up quickly. The reel is much better quality than the typical cheap reel and looks like it will last for some time with proper care. It doesn’t come with line, but has some Chinese writing that indicates what weight line would work best. Thanks to Google Translate, I was able to discern that information. While this looks like it would be something that you’d give your child to fish with, you’ll be happy to have this fishing rod and reel for yourself, because it’s a quality product. My son was excited to have this to use the next time he goes fishing. I recommend it.

Friday Review Mash Up

Wisdompro Flower Labels

I purchased these Wisdompro Flower Labels for my essential oil blends that I make and put in roller ball containers and for my homemade deodorant. These labels are perfect for the tall, skinny roller balls as well as the short, fat 1 ounce jars that I put my deodorant in. No problems with writing on it in regular ballpoint pen. Can be used to label gifts, food containers, or whatever else you want to label. The flowered designs remind me of old school flowers, cabbage roses, and delicate blooms. There are tons for what you need them for.

Starfish CZ Crystal Pendant and Necklace

This is a pretty sparkly Starfish CZ Crystal Pendant and Necklace for those who have the sea in their heart. It comes on an 18 inch chain that can be shortened for smaller necks. Lovely for that special lady or girl. Not that I’ve had issues, but I would be careful not to wear this all of the time since it’s plated copper and should the plating wear off, it will change the color of the jewelry.

EmaxDesign 10+1 Makeup Brush and Rose Red Beauty Sponge

The EmaxDesign 10+1 Makeup Brush and Rose Red Beauty Sponge is a beautiful set. I love the soft bristles and the feel of the brushes in my hand. It comes in a cheapy carrying bag that protects the brushes when traveling or when not in use. It comes with a flyer that explains what each brush does. They are a great addition to your cosmetic arsenal or would make a great gift for a friend. It comes at a great price for a starter kit.

Frigidaire 30 Piece Freshkeeper Set

The Frigidaire 30 Piece Freshkeeper Set is a no more than average food storage set. It comes with a larger 71 oz container that I use to take my salads to work, 3 25 oz and 36 oz containers, 2 29 oz containers, and 6 10 oz snack-sized containers and lids to fit each one. While the large container was sturdy, I found that the 36 oz container’s sides were very weak and collapsed when I was trying to put the lid on the dozen hard boiled eggs that I placed in it. The smallest containers hold 2 hard boiled eggs with plenty of room. The 29 oz containers are perfect for sandwiches. All in all, this is a decent set, but I don’t believe that they are going to last as long as containers that I can purchase in my local grocery store. I don’t feel comfortable using them in the microwave, but I certainly wouldn’t be upset it they were misplaced by my children.




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